Exclusive insider info on the WNFR Fight … Texas Vs. Florida!

All the talk and speculation surrounding the moving of the NFR controversy has a new player involved.  It was reported a couple days ago that the great state of Texas is involving themselves into the mix for potential host for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo starting in 2015.

There was a meeting held between the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association Commissioner Karl Stressman, the PRCA Board of Directors, the Governor of Texas Rick Perry, State House Representative Cecil Bell Jr. and WNFR bareback qualifier Clint Cannon.

I have sources that are very close to the negotiations that have been talking exclusively with me and have given me the rights to post quotes and real time updates about this issue coming from Texas.

PRCA Commissioner Karl Stressman, Governor of Texas Rick Perry and State House Representative Cecil Bell Jr

PRCA Commissioner Karl Stressman, Governor of Texas Rick Perry and State House Representative Cecil Bell Jr. at the state capital  Photo Credit: Chip Hunnicutt

Here is the statement I have received from one of my sources that is close to the negotiations and for now would like to be unnamed:

“We are part of group including trying to get the NFR to the state of Texas along with a unnamed Texas city. We are part of State group not the city, but we are  helping support the city the with their bid. This state group was formed by Clint Cannon, Kirby Cannon and Cecil Bell Jr., with the intention of finding a way to get the NFR here.  It now includes many more. Without getting numbers out, the bid is unbelievable. The Governers’ office puts events on par with Final Four, Formula One race in Austin, and the Super Bowl  and wants the NFR here. We don’t know what board will do but we hope they were impressed.”

Heath Ford

PRCA and Texas Bareback Rider Heath Ford sits down with Governor Rick Perry to talk about bringing the WNFR to Texas Photo Credit: Chip Hunnicutt

The Governor quotes, “lets bring the NFR home”, and those thoughts are represented throughout the entire state.  To me it sounds like Texas is pulling out all the stops to do anything it can to lure the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo to cowboy country, the great state of Texas.  The next few months will be very interesting to see what the commissioner and the Board of Directors decides to do once all the options are out in the open and on the table.

cecil bell jr

Texas State Representative Cecil Bell Jr.

Current state negotiating  group member and TheRodeoRoundUp.com’s friend Texas State Representative Cecil Bell Jr. is very involved in everything happening there.  He is on the state group and is the one person that is tasked with coordinating with the city’s group.  So as you can see EVERYONE wants the WNFR in Texas and both city and state are working together to try to make this happen in 2015.  He took time out of his day to give TheRodeoRoundUp.com and exclusive statement and here it is:

“Texas is rodeo country. We’re home to the best location for contestants, stock producers and for fans. From our cities and card-carrying PRCA cowboys to our elected officials in Austin I can tell you we’re working hard to show the PRCA our commitment to bringing the NFR back home to Texas”.
State Rep Cecil Bell Jr.

The stories are continuing to unfold and before long we will all have the answers we are so patiently waiting for.  No matter what the PRCA decides to do we will have it covered right here for you on TheRodeoRoundUp.com!!




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5 responses to “Exclusive insider info on the WNFR Fight … Texas Vs. Florida!”

  1. Darlene keller Avatar
    Darlene keller

    I would love to see the WNFR in Texas. I want to be first in line for tickets. I love watching the WNFR. I was fortunate enough to be in Las Vegas for their 50th Anniversary. It was electreic. Even watching at home on TV I get so excited about it. Those cowgirls and cowboys work hard to get tjere and deserve a lot of respect and support. Long Live Cowboys! Especially here in Texas.

  2. Cathy Brown Avatar
    Cathy Brown


  3. Belinda Atkinson Avatar

    NFR to Texas or Oklahoma vote Yes!

    1. Gaston Jean Avatar
      Gaston Jean

      I am voting no I like it to stay in Stay in Las Vegas I know your mind is made up you don’t realy care about the fan’s

  4. Walter Hamm Avatar
    Walter Hamm

    Bring it to Arlington Texas That where it belongs! Keep Trevor & Company in Vegas!

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