2020 World Champions Are Crowned

When we started this wonderful new journey together ten short days ago, no one could expect or imagine what we have been able to witness over the ten days of action here at the new home for the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  Every year we all expect to see some world title races change position, some exciting drama play out on the arena floor, and pure emotion laid out from the top professional rodeo athletes on the planet but we did not expect how well this year’s festivities would go.  Three short weeks prior to the beginning of round one it was decided that the WNFR would go on and what came to fruition in that short time has been nothing short of remarkable.

The excitement and anticipation of what was at the end of tonight’s tenth and final performance have been in the back of everyone’s minds since the day that they arrived here in Arlington, Texas.  Over the past nine nights, we have seen some amazing runs which have lead to first-time Wrangler National Finals go-round winners, the rookies put on a show that will be remembered for many years to come, and complete domination by individuals and families throughout the seven different events.  We also were able to introduce a new event to the WNFR format as we crowned a Women’s Breakaway World Champion over a three-day event held, also, at Globe Life Field.  All in all, it has been an amazing time but it will all finished off with a bang as we were set to crown new world champions on Saturday night!


Kaycee Feild Is Your 2020 Bareback Riding World Champion

Photo Credit: Equestrianinfluence.com

After all was said and done, the 2020 Bareback Riding World Championship title would be filled with drama as it not only came down to the last night but to the very last re-ride opportunity of the season.  Coming into the tenth and final round of competition the race for the world title came down to two past world champions to see who would be able to claim another notch in their belt.  Tim O’Connell and Kaycee Feild came into the tenth round in a knock-out fight and it lasted up until the beginning of the saddle bronc riding to see how Kaycee Feild would manage his re-ride opportunity.  After the dust settled it would be that of Kaycee Feild who would be able to walk out of Arlington, Texas as your 2020 Bareback Riding World Champion!

Jacob Edler Is Your Steer Wrestling World Champion

Photo Credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal

When we talk about a world title race that was completely wide open coming into the tenth and final round of the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo we need to all think about the race in the steer wrestling event.  Coming into tonight’s tenth round there were four steer wrestlers that each had a legitimate shot at earning the world title depending on what happened on this fateful Saturday night.  Nothing could even be thought about being decided until the last steer was laid as the average payout here this year would play a pivotal role in that decision.  Once everything was calculated, it would be the cowboy from Iowa Jacob Edler who would be able to have a WNFR to remember coming in ninth and leave Globe Life Field with the 2020 Steer Wrestling World Champion title!

Colby Lovell & Paul Eaves Are Your Team Roping World Champions

Photo Credit: To Come

The team roping event is another one of the events at this year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo that could not be decided until about halfway through the tenth and final round here in Texas.  When it came down to it, there were still two teams that began the night, each with viable options and different paths to be able to claim a world championship title of their own.  Over the last nine nights, the runs have been blazing and the race had flipped flopped numerous times over the last week and a half.  Once things were all settled and the last run was completed it would end up being Colby Lovell and Paul Eaves who would claim the world titles in the header and heeler divisions.

Ryder Wright Is Your Saddle Bronc Riding World Champion

Photo Credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal

The classic event of saddle bronc riding came into the final round of action for the 2020 professional rodeo season with a world title race that was dwindled down to two men as the tenth round began.  Wyatt Casper came into the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in the number one spot but one cowboy from the state of Utah would not let him go quietly, not to anyone’s surprise.  Ryder Wright had a WNFR to remember which put him in the number one spot at the beginning of the tenth round which led up to a fantastic race to the end.  After all the dust settled, it would be Ryder Wright who would manage to pull out the better ride in round ten and leave Arlington, Texas with a 2020 Saddle Bronc Riding World Championship Title!

Shad Mayfield Is Your Tie-Down Roping World Champion

Photo Credit: To Come

The boys with the amazing horses and fast hands would come into the tenth round here at the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo not knowing who would end up walking out of Globe Life Field with the average title, much less the 2020 world championship title.  These races were coming down to the last run being made, much like many of the other races here this year as well, but that put the pressure on these athletes and the times and performances down on the dirt showed just that.  Once all was said and done and the times were calculated it would be announced that Shad Mayfield would walk out of Saturday night as your new 2020 Tie-Down Roping World Champion by a mere $200.00!

Hailey Kinsel Is Your Barrel Racing World Champion

Photo Credit: Barrel Horse News

When we talk about complete domination in barrel racing this past week, one name should come to mind, Hailey Kinsel, who wowed the crowd at this year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo many times over.  From winning nearly half of the go-round performances to setting new arena records Hailey Kinsel had a WNFR that she could only have dreamt of.  Not only did she win the most go-rounds here this week she would go on to claim the WNFR barrel racing average title but it did not stop there.  Coming into this year’s event Kinsel would trail Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi in the world title race but would overtake her early on in the week and never look back, on her way to claiming yet another Barrel Racing World Championship Title.  Congratulations to an amazing and humble cowgirl on your record-setting 2020 WNFR.

Stetson Wright Is Your Bull Riding World Champion

Photo Credit: Red Bluff Daily News

As we looked ahead to crowning a 2020 Bull Riding World Champion we could not even calculate how to do that until the very last ride was made to close out the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  The race to the end this year was one for the record books as the fight between rookie and veteran was the story of the night in round ten.  The world title race had come down to three riders and would olay out just that way as round ten began here earlier tonight.  The anticipation as to how things would play out could be felt around the entire Globe Life Field as questions would soon be answered.  Once things were completed it would be Stetson Wright who would be crowned your 2020 Bull Riding World Champion.

Round Ten Winners And Average Champions From The 2020 WNFR:


Round Winner: Jess Pope (89.50)

2002 WNFR Average Winner: Jess Pope


Steer Wrestling:

Round Winners: Will Lummus & Tyler Waguespack (3.7 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Winner: Jacob Edler


Team Roping:

Round Winners: Colby Lovell & Paul Eaves  (4.4 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Winners: Erich Rogers & Paden Bray


Saddle Bronc Riding:

Round Winner: Stetson Dell Wright & Ryder Wright (91.00)

2002 WNFR Average Winner: Ryder Wright


Tie-Down Roping:

Round Winner: Haven Meged (7.4 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Winner: Shane Hanchey


Barrel Racing:

Round Winner: Stevi Hillman (16.79 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Winner: Hailey Kinsel


Bull Riding:

Round Winner: Roscoe Jarboe (92.00)

2002 WNFR Average Winner: Colten Fritzlan


Even though the focus of the night was on that of the newly crowned world champions, there were still two other races that were up for grabs to end out the 2020 professional rodeo season.  One of which would be that of the overall All-Around World Championship title while the other title up for grabs tonight was that of the Top Gun Award that goes to the cowboy or cowgirl that managed to win the most money here over the last ten days.  Below we would love to say a huge congratulations to Stetson Wright who took home the prestigious PRCA All-Around World Championship title while Hailey Kinsel completely dominated the barrel racing to earn a world title of her own as well as leaving town with a brand new Dodge RAM pick-up truck for winning the 2020 Top Gun award here at the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo!

Stetson Wright Wins The 2020 All-Around World Championship Title

Photo Credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Coming into a Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in a year that has had its fair share of twists and turns the All-Around title race was one that was in the forefront of the minds of those that follow the sport of professional rodeo.  The 2020 race brought together two names that are icons within the sport that we all love as they would battle each other over the last ten days of the 2020 rodeo season to see who would earn the title and a Montana Silversmith belt buckle.  Early on, Stetson Wright would outwork that of the legendary Tuf Cooper, who struggled in the tie-down roping this year to claim the 2020 Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s All-Around Cowboy World Title.

Hailey Kinsel Takes Home The Top Gun Award For 2020

Photo Credit: Rodeo News

When we talk about domination in any specific event you need to have the name of Hailey Kinsel at the top of your list as she came in and blazed a trail that Arlington, Texas will remember for years to come.  Early on, it was apparent that her horse Sister loved the new arena set-up, how the ground felt, and being close to home compared to being in Las Vegas.  Due to her dominance, she would be the athlete to claim the most money won here at the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and, thus, earning the RAM Top Gun Award for the season.  Not only will Kinsel leave with the numerous go-round wins, the WNFR average title, a new world championship title, but she will also leave with a brand new 2021 Dodge RAM pick-up truck for her efforts here over the last ten days!

This year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo was one for the record books in more ways than one with fantastic world title races to a top-notch venue change due to the circumstances of the year.  To say that the hospitality of the great state of Texas, the city of Arlington, and all those involved with Globe Life Field has been nothing but exceptional would be a gross understatement.  The feeling among many that took in the sights and sounds of this year’ festivities, including those that have been to the WNFR in Vegas, is that of hopes that a permanent change could be on the horizon, once the current contract with Las Vegas is up after seeing how everything played out this year.  Only time will tell but a huge thank you and congratulations go out to all those involved with making this year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo a HUGE success!

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