Round Seven Begins To Shape Up Races

When you want to watch the best rodeo athletes in the world you should be in Arlington, Texas for the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo as the venue change and the dynamics of the year have provided a lot of excitement so far.  After last night’s round six performance anything was up for grabs as far as the WNFR average races as well as many of the end-of-the-year world title races.  Just 24-hours ago we celebrated the rookie of the year candidates while many of them made the most of the night and earned a round win themselves or a nice pocket full of cash on the night that was dedicated to them and the efforts that they have put in throughout the year.

Everyone knows that the deeper the event gets, the more important it is to remain in the average and how much that average paycheck could help determine where you end up in the world standings.  That being said, there are far too many scenarios in many of the events to try and explain in just a few short sentences here so we will continue to break down, just like we have over the past five nights.  We are all hoping that this gives you a better idea of what to watch for and how close these races are following each and every performance here at the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo live from Globe Life Field here in the great state of Texas.

Orin Larsen Wins The Bareback Riding In Round Seven

Photo Credit: Wrangler Network

Coming into tonight’s seventh-round here at the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo the world title race is one of the closest that we have ever seen, at least that I can remember.  Tim O’Connell came into Wednesday night with less than a $20.000 lead over another past world champion Kaycee Feild.  This may seem like a lot of money but remember that each go-round win pays just over $24,000 so anything could happen over the next four nights of action here in Texas.  Each of these cowboys has won round here this year and sit one and two in the average with Kaycee Feild leading Tim O’Connell by a mere half of a point before beginning round seven here earlier this evening.

When we change gears and focus on the round itself that we saw tonight, it continued to play out just as we had all hoped, giving everyone watching much to get excited for and cheer about on a Wednesday night.  Coming into round seven, eleven of the fifteen riders here began all with a 100% riding percentage here so far this week.  After tonight eleven would still be perfect with fourteen making the eight-second buzzer to earn another score in round seven at the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  Once things settled down on the arena floor it was Orin Larsen who would outride all the other contestants to claim the round seven win with a fantastic 90 point ride aboard Calgary Stampede’s Yippee Kibitz.

Emily Miller Reigns Supreme In The Barrel Racing

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Coming into tonight’s performance, the girls have, so far, put on an amazing display of talent which we all expected to see continue here earlier this evening inside of Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.  So far, the main focus has been on the world title race between Hailey Kinsel and Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi which have started to pull away from the field a little bit over the course of six performances.  Kinsel came into tonight winning three of the six rounds but Pozzi Tonozzi continues to stay close in time and the average after giving up first place late last week in earlier rounds.  That being said, there are still thirteen other ladies that still want to make as much money as they can here the rest of the week and will lay everything out on the table to do so moving forward towards Saturday night.

Each night that goes on the ladies in the cowgirl professional barrel racing event continue to get faster and faster as their horses get more used to the new arena set up as well as the fresh ground they are not used to running on.  This is the first time in history that the ladies in the middle of the running order are running on the freshly-dragged ground and they are all very excited for the much-needed change to the WNFR format.  Tonight, the ladies kept up the pace and looked amazing with Emily Miller, for the second night in a row, doing what it took to come back home across the line with the fastest time, with a 16.85 second run, to claim the seventh go-round win here at the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Round Seven Winners From The 2020 WNFR:


Round Winner: Orin Larsen (90.00)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Kaycee Feild & Richmond Champion (594.00/7)

World Title Leader:  Tim O’Connell


Steer Wrestling:

Round Winner: Clayton Hass (3.4 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Jacob Edler (30.70 Seconds/7)

World Title Leader:  Matt Reeves


Team Roping:

Round Winners: Charly Crawford & Logan Medlin (3.8 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leaders: Erich Rogers & Paden Bray (60.10 Seconds/7)

World Title Leaders: Luke Brown & Travis Graves


Saddle Bronc Riding:

Round Winner: Stetson Dell Wright (90.50)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Ryder Wright (610.50/7)

World Title Leader:  Wyatt Casper


Tie-Down Roping:

Round Winner: Hunter Herrin (6.8 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Shane Hanchey (57.9 Seconds/7)

World Title Leader:  Shad Mayfield


Barrel Racing:

Round Winner: Emily Miller (16.85 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Hailey Kinsel (120.70 Seconds/7)

World Title Leader: Hailey Kinsel


Bull Riding:

Round Winner: Stetson Dell Wright (89.00)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Colten Fritzlan (428.50/ 5 of 7)

World Title Leader:  Ty Wallace



  1. Stetson Wright   ($265,802)
  2. Tuf Cooper          ($153,181)


Top Gun Award:

  1. Hailey Kinsel       ($135,653.85)
  2. Ryder Wright       ($111,961.54)

As the rounds begin to dwindle, there is a lot of attention on the world title races this year as they are as close as they ever have been, allowing anything to happen at any given point throughout the ten days of action here in Texas!  Each night the PRCA will be putting out what the world title races look like at the conclusion of each round and we will be sharing that with you in the above graphic.  That being said, many times it takes a bit for them to get that together so we will add that in as soon as we receive it each night or the morning following the conclusion of each round.  This will be another fun way to interact in a very different year as we all enjoy the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo!

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