Things Are Heating Up At The 2020 WNFR

Last night, in round seven of the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo was one of the best performances that anyone has ever been able to witness from the very beginning from the opening ceremony to the very end as we saw some rank bull riding and amazing bull power.  Starting the night we saw a completely different opening than we have seen that included no horses but a lone flag pole.  Every contestant standing inside of the arena that brought a chill down spines around the world as we thanked every first responder was the theme of the night.  It all ended with Stetson Dell Wright winning the bull riding event, taking home two buckles in one night while winning the saddle bronc riding as well!

Along with all of the excitement, there were, unfortunately, some contestants missing in action that have been injured and needed to sit out last night as well as tonight in the bull riding.  Bull riders Trevor Kastner and Parker McCown had to doctor out due to being injured in previous rounds here earlier in the week that puts a damper on their 2020 WNFR whose is the first for McCown.  Trevor Kastner has a right shoulder blade fracture while McCown is sitting out due to a right shoulder separation and joint fracture.

Go-Round Eight Goes T0 Ryder Wright 

Photo Credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Last night, the complete domination of the riders from Utah continued to shine and take center stage as another Wright boy made his way to the Texas LIVE stage to claim another go-round winning belt buckle.  Stetson Dell Wright began his night with a huge 90.50 point ride to win his first go-round here this year but placing in four of the seven rounds of competition.  His wins in both the saddle bronc riding and the bull riding events last night made him the only person since 2001 that has been able to accomplish this feat.  In round seven it was time to breathe a little bit before the stress really begins and the rankest bucking horses of the year begin to finish out each of the fifteen rider’s 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo experience here in Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

Looking ahead to tonight’s round eight performances, the classic sport of professional rodeo continued to shine as many of the top riders in the world put their bodies on the line to do what they had to do to earn a qualified ride and secure their spots in the average.  Coming into tonight’s round only two riders were left with a 100% riding percentage going a perfect 7-for-7, Ryder Wright and Chase Brooks, and after tonight’s round, there was only one.  At the conclusion of the round tonight it was Ryder Wright who would be able to claim a go-round win with a solid 88 point ride aboard Andrew Rodeo’s American Hat’s Positive Times that would leave those watching the action excited for round nine tomorrow night.

Ty Wallace Splits Round Eight

Photo Credit: To Come

Over the last seven nights, the bull riding action has been rank and has left many of the top fifteen bull riders in the country nursing wounds, getting knocked out of action for a couple of rounds, and ultimately ending some 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo dashes to the cash.  Last night, we noticed that Trevor Kastner and Parker McCown were out of action, which would continue through tonight’s round as well, due to injuries sustained earlier in the week.  We also, unfortunately, had to witness a scary moment down on the arena floor as Tyler Bingham was knocked out during his ride and that was only the beginning.  After being flung around he hit the dirt unconscious and his bovine partner came down directly on his chest with his hind leg.  That being said, I have confirmed that he is currently in the ICU with multiple broken ribs on both sides, a broken sternum, a broken left clavicle with a hematoma, and bruised lungs and heart.  He is being kept at the hospital for observation for a couple of days so please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Tonight, the bull riding began to look a little slim as the numbers were dwindled down to twelve competitors after taking out those injured which gave all those left competing a little easier way to possibly earning some go-round money here in round eight.  You could tell from the very beginning that each of these bull riders came in with new attitudes and knew that there was a ton of day money left to be made moving forward.  Coming into tonight’s round eight Colten Fritzlan was a full bull ahead of all the others, being the only man to be able to go 5-for-7 so far this week.  Once the dust settled tonight it was Roscoe Jarboe and Ty Wallace who would split the eighth go-round with 89.50 point rides at will thicken the plot towards the world championship race that will be decided in just two short days from now.

Round Eight Winners From The 2020 WNFR:


Round Winner: Jess Pope (89.00)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Jess Pope (681.00.00/8)

World Title Leader:  Tim O’Connell


Steer Wrestling:

Round Winner: Blake Knowles (3.6 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Jacob Edler (34.70 Seconds/8)

World Title Leader:  Matt Reeves


Team Roping:

Round Winners: Colby Lovell & Paul Eaves  (4.3 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leaders: Erich Rogers & Paden Bray (69.70 Seconds/8)

World Title Leaders: Luke Brown & Travis Graves


Saddle Bronc Riding:

Round Winner: Ryder Wright (88.00)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Ryder Wright (698.50/8)

World Title Leader:  Ryder Wright


Tie-Down Roping:

Round Winner: Westyn Hughes (7.4 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Shane Hanchey (66.7 Seconds/8)

World Title Leader:  Shad Mayfield


Barrel Racing:

Round Winner: Hailey Kinsel (16.56 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Hailey Kinsel (137.26 Seconds/8)

World Title Leader: Hailey Kinsel


Bull Riding:

Round Winner: Roscoe Jarboe & Ty Wallace (89.50)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Colten Fritzlan (517.50/ 6 of 8)

World Title Leader:  Ty Wallace



  1. Stetson Wright   ($279,129.07)
  2. Tuf Cooper          ($153,180.81)


Top Gun Award:

  1. Hailey Kinsel       ($156,384.62)
  2. Ryder Wright       ($138,192.31)

As we look to Saturday night’s final round there is a lot of attention on the world title races this year as they are as close as they ever have been, allowing anything to happen at any given point throughout the ten days of action here in Texas!  Each night the PRCA will be putting out what the world title races look like at the conclusion of each round and we will be sharing that with you in the above graphic.  That being said, many times it takes a bit for them to get that together so we will add that in as soon as we receive it each night or the morning following the conclusion of each round.  This will be another fun way to interact in a very different year as we all enjoy the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo!

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