Getting ready for 2013 NFR

The Rodeo Round Up Gets ready for 2013 NFR

Here it is, less than a month away.  The start of The National Finals Rodeo (NFR) in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.  Jason Hetland and crew are getting ready to head to Las Vegas to cover it all from start to finish. Inside and Out.  That also means the website will start to undergo a change.

Some of you have wondered about it and I can understand why.  But you have to forgive us. We are a new organization and a little understaffed.  We covered the PBR in great detail and needed the front page to show it all.  Now we will do the same for the NFR.

So Where is Everything?

As we move the PBR stuff off the front page to make room for everything PRCA and NFR related, we still have the PBR stuff and will add to it as time permits.  If you want to see the PBR stuff, just click the link above or click PBR Stuff Here.

The PRCA and NFR coverage will start tonight, as we re-post some of the older PRCA information in order to bring you up to speed on who is leading and who was leading.  Some of the rider injury reports and comeback stories so when the 2013 National Finals Rodeo starts, you will be ready for it.

After all,  the NFR is 10 pretty intense days of riding and wrangling!  So you need to know your stuff to keep up with everything and we will try to keep you all informed the best we can.

Everything printed here is referenced on our twitter and facebook pages.  So check there then link back to here for the full story.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, contact us here.  We would love to hear from you!






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