Updated Horse Information For The Minnesota Horse Expo Regarding The EHV-1 Outbreak


The Minnesota Horse Expo has been working around the clock to determine what the best options will be for this years festivities at the end of April at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.  Last night the board met to see what direction the 2014 season would take regarding the outbreak of the EHV-1 Virus in the Midwest and the effect it would have on the expo on just three short weeks.  After much consideration it was concluded that only clinic and rodeo horses would be allowed access to the 2014 Minnesota Horse Expo this year.  Up until last night the word was that things were still going to happen as planned but under the microscope of certified veterinarians.  Below is a copy of the letter that was sent out to all attendees before the final decision was made last night.

As I stated above, this letter is now in void and a updated decision has been reached.  The message that has come down the pipeline this morning is once again that ONLY clinic and rodeo horses will be allowed at the 2014 Minnesota Horse Expo this year.  Please make sure to pass this information along to all those that might be traveling from around the state as well as out of state so they can be informed of the new decisions put in place last night.

Here is the information that has been posted on the Minnesota Horse Expo’s facebook page which you can see here:

EVH-1 Update and how it will affect the MN Horse Expo this year:

The Minnesota Horse Expo will still be held April 25-27 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.  In response to the Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) outbreak, the Minnesota Horse Expo has consulted experts in equine health with the idea of developing the best plan to minimize risk for horse owners and exhibitors attending the Minnesota Horse Expo. As a result, the Expo board has decided to limit the horses coming to the Expo to PRCA rodeo stock and participants, Ma’Ceo horses, clinician presentation horses, and the pony and wagon ride horses.  Breed and registry groups, private farms and stables will NOT be bringing horses to Expo, but may set up informational displays in the Horse Barn.

Recommended bio-safety measures will be taken before and during the Expo to safeguard the health of the limited horses that will be allowed at the event. A health certificate with temperature recorded on the document will be required for horses coming to Expo. The document must be issued by an accredited veterinarian and dated within one week of the Expo (April 17, 2014). Access to horses by the visiting public will be limited or not allowed at all. Veterinarians will be on site throughout Expo monitoring horse health.

This virus has no effect on people but since humans can spread the disease, all those attending should wash their hands before, between and after handling horses.  Informational sessions about EHV-1 have been added to the Expo presentation schedule at 9:00 a.m. each morning.  EHV-1 info is also available at the Minnesota Animal Board of Health site http://mn.gov/bah/horses.html and www.mnhorsecouncil.org. Horse owners are encouraged to visit the UC Davis Center for Equine Health website for a very complete review of EHV-1.  www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/ceh/ehv1_general.cfm

The Minnesota Horse Expo brings together an amazing gathering of over 400 vendors offering a wide variety of products, information and services, educational presentations on many topics, and exciting entertainment choices.  We encourage everyone to come and join fellow equine enthusiasts at the 2014 Minnesota Horse Expo and to keep your horses safe at home. 

The Minnesota Horse Exposition Board of Directors and Staff

For all updated information regarding this years event at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds you can follow the Minnesota Horse Expo’s website here.

All of us here at the Rodeo Round Up will continue to stay on top of this situation and keep you all updated as to any new information that may be handed down throughout the next three weeks.  Keep checking back for new information as it is released to the public.  I hope to see you at this event April 25-27 even though there are now restrictions in place regarding your horses.  Don’t let this stop you from enjoying the outstanding clinics and rodeo action throughout the three days as well as the thousands of vendors and fantastic shopping.  If you see us out please stop and say hello as we would love to meet and talk with all of our followers and fans!







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