Top Rodeo Athletes Defecting From The PRCA On Their Terms!

It was announced last night that some of the top rodeo athletes from the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association have banded together to leave that organization and start a new one on their own.  Today there are more clues coming out as to why this has become such a hot issue within the top contestants and why they are so unhappy with the current situation and  the Board of Directors that govern the organization.

Now remember folks that this is not the first time that cowboys and cowgirls have not been happy with certain “professional” organizations.  If you remember years ago, 20 to be exact, that a group of bull riders were not happy with the situation they were in so  twenty of them got together and each put $1,000 into a pot hoping that their dreams would soon become a reality, a bull riding organization run by the bull riders and for the bull riders.  If you have not figured out what I am referring to yet it was the transformation into the biggest bull riding organization today, The Professional Bull Riders (PBR).

On Tuesday one of the well known names that are making a statement, NFR Steer Wrestling Qualifier K.C. Jones, confirmed the efforts to leave the PRCA and start a different rodeo cowboy organization.  Once the facebook page was  introduced on Monday, Support Rodeo Contestants, K.C. Jones issued this statement, “After an exhaustive effort of the top cowboys to help save the current structure, we now realize it’s time for a change and that there is a huge opportunity for the contestants of professional rodeo to work together to advance the sport”.  This was a very round about way of saying something big was going to happen in the very near future.


NFR Steer Wrestling Qualifier K.C.Jones

While speaking out about why these cowboys and cowgirls are deciding to step away from the PRCA he also adds  that he and the other athletes that have banded together to start talking to many of the rodeo committees and host cities about leaving the PRCA sponsored events and signing with the new organization they are forming.  These same folks are very nervous about the path the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association is traveling.  There are huge rodeos such as Calgary and Houston that have decided to not sanction with the long standing organization and this is yet another reason why these rodeo stars are starting to step back and rethink a lot of things and figure out where exactly they stand on the importance level of a multi million dollar organization.

While we all wait for more information to be given through their website there is one thing that we do know.  The cowboys and cowgirls feel that the PRCA Board of Directors do not listen to them as much as they should and these athletes feel like they do not have a voice at all within the organization.  This is a big reason that all this is happening since one detail has been leaked so far.  One of the points on the proposal that these folks sent to the Board of Directors is that they wanted two more contestants sitting on the board.  As of now there are only four athletes on the board of nine.  All these stars want is to have a bigger voice and a bigger say as to what actually happens in the behind the scenes activities  of this world renowned organization.  One of the biggest reasons why is the denial and  hand fed decisions of what sponsors will be allowed to participate.  This group says that if this was an organization that was actually working for the people and not for big money marketing things would be a lot different.

I fully expect the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association to have a statement about this situation available within the next few days and I hope that they do.  I will keep you updated as to what their side says once all the facts are out on the table and will continue to be as unbiased in my reporting as I can with the facts and information that I have from day to day.  Please keep checking back for any late breaking news regarding this issue from either side of the table!

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14 responses to “Top Rodeo Athletes Defecting From The PRCA On Their Terms!”

  1. Linda Boomer Avatar
    Linda Boomer

    I have always loved rodeo and I remember as a kid watching the NFR with my Dad. The rough stock events are not my favorite events and I was really disappointed when PBR formed with just the bulls. I don’t even follow it anymore, but I don’t miss a minute of NFR. I would like to see some of the even small events streamed online because just about everyone can watch it on their tv. If you guys can make it happen so a network would pick it up, that would be fantastic. You sure have my support!

  2. Sharon Avery Avatar
    Sharon Avery

    It’s to bad you don’t follow the PBR, as they are a top notch group and have bulls that the PRCA guys could never ride. As a fan, I do not put one against the other. Rodeo is Rodeo and I support both groups. I DO think it’s a dumb move for the PRCA to move to Florida, but that is my opinion. If it goes as far as these guys starting their own organization, it will fly!! Who knows what would become of the PRCA…only time would tell.

    1. Jeb Avatar

      Sharon, as a prior contestant in rough stock, I can assure you that many, many, MANY PRCA bull riders have been on, competed on and even rode PBR bulls. I can assure you that before the pissing contests between associations that many PRCA bull riders competed in the PBR. I can also assure you that after the pissing contests many PBR riders compete in the PRCA. In regards to the stock and the stock contractors, you are as oblivious as the rest of the majority. Many things contributed to who and where contractors could haul their stock…stock contractor cards were not just handed out the way they appear to be now. And for the record, the PBR has sold their contestants out like pimps to prostitutes…might as well hang billboards off every contestant to go with their sponsor patches.

  3. Walter Avatar

    I fully support the new rodeo association because I have boycotted PRCA rodeo after their bad decision to move the NFR out of Las Vegas. Also their bad decision to charge more money for what used to be the Associate Membership. Now it is called the Fanzone which is just another fan club. Now you get less for a lot more money. They jacked the high end membership from $300 to $1600.
    It is obvious they are money-hungry and don’t give a hoot what their (former) fans want.

    1. PRCA Member Avatar
      PRCA Member

      First of all the PRCA did not vote to move the NFR just declined the financial proposal because that’s what the contestants wanted the board to do. There are way to many thoughts and ideas coming from those that don’t have all the facts! The defecting group is a small % of the contestant membership, please be patient and let things develop before starting false facts just too try to have breaking news.

      1. Walter Avatar

        I live in Las Vegas, NV and am a season ticket holder to the NFR at the Thomas and Mack . ALL the local media, news, newspapers, television, radio, etc., are reporting this as a done deal. Do you think they know something we don’t or are they engaging in speculation? Why are they reporting it as fact?

      2. cowboy Avatar

        If the PRCA was the best for the contestants, why did Streeman have the announcement to leave Las Vegas (and thats what it was) made on the final night of the NFR? Was it THAT improtant to take away the moment of glory and reconition from the riders??

        No, it was for Stressman to show “he’s” the boss….

        1. PRCA Member Avatar
          PRCA Member

          If you read the press release it was from LVE not Karl Stessman. Again people making comments and suggestions without knowing all the facts! Believe me when I say I do not agree with everything the PRCA had done, but the contestants have never given the PRCA a chance to make there counter offer to keep the NFR in Vegas before they circumvent them and go to LVE behind thier backs! So a small group think they are above the over 6000 other members, that’s just plain wrong in my opinion! If they don’t like the administration why don’t they petition to have them removed instead of try to destroy what has taken generations to create? Makes no sense!

        2. Walter Avatar

          I agree with that. I think Stressman is the cause of all the recent problems with the PRCA.

    2. Cathy Avatar

      Moving the rodeo to Florida seems like a really bad idea. I say this as a fan not a contestant.

  4. nickp91 Avatar

    PRCA took a wrong turn when it tried to emulate big business and bring in a CEO from the outside

  5. Anthony Gilbert (Red Bluff Ca.) Avatar

    Repeat after me… Market Synergy. Market Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects. This is how RADIO grew back from its slumping days. Now airwaves are not ruled by a single brand or brands but all brands can market on the same channel without any rights. Naming rights can only be bought within an event. Clear Channel GREW so much once they harnessed this concept.

  6. Phillip Avatar

    – Moving the NFR to Florida, bad idea.
    – Paying CBS to air 60 hours of NFR, instead of RECEIVING $1Mil from RFD-TV for the rights to broadcast 200 hours of NFR, STUPID!

    The PRCA is run by a bunch of morons. I hope it dies.

  7. joe trezza Avatar
    joe trezza

    PRCA will survive, There is room for compromise. The top cowboys that want out will be replaced in a go round.

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