The PBR In Anaheim Comes To A Close As History Is Made!

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The Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series rolled into Anaheim, California just three short days ago with high hopes of making its 19th annual event a huge success.  After the first two rounds of action where one had a huge number of qualified rides and the other that caused major havoc among the bull riders questions remained as to how Championship Sunday was going to go.  Although there were not many rides earlier today inside the Honda Center the ones that were made made for some exciting action and special moments as the event drew to a close.

As the in-arena action began on a beautiful Sunday afternoon the feeling that the fans in attendance were feeling was the exact same one that was being felt just a short 24 hours earlier as round two concluded.  Although the qualified rides were scarce during the first half of the third round the cowboys began picking up steam as the round went further into the depth of the field.  That being said, it was still a showcase of some of the top bucking bulls in the business as they made their stock contractors proud and caused major headaches among the top 35 bull riders in the world.

during the third round of the Anaheim Built Ford Tough Series PBR. Photo by Andy Watson
Derek Kolbaba Makes A Qualified Ride In Rd 3

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The third round of competition at the Anaheim Invitational started, and ended for that matter, just the same as the round two performance did last night.  The bovine power of the PBR and their stock contractors were on display and kept the qualified rides to a minimum.  Since the rides were far and few between, when they did happen it gave the fans something to cheer about and rise to their feet in excitement.  Along with the tough luck that the cowboys faced throughout the weekend the action also sidelined some of the top names in the business as the aches and pains became too much for them to bear in Anaheim.

Today we had just a few more reasons to stand up and cheer than we did last night but that was still no where near enough to compare to the action that we all saw in round one.  Today’s action gave us twelve exciting rides that were able to make the much elusive eight second buzzer which is just a few more than the fans got the opportunity to cheer for last night.  Even though the round three action as happening right in front of the fans inside of the Honda Center it could not compare to a very special ride that was made late in the round.

Cooper Davis Rd 3

Cooper Davis Wins 2nd Consecutive Round 

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Along with the other eleven qualified rides it was deja vu today as young gun Cooper Davis showed us all that he is set on making a run at the 2016 World Championship.  Much like last night, Davis was able to cover Julio Moreno Bucking Bulls’ Mortimer to take home his second round victory in as many days.  The two powerhouses combined for an 88.25 ride that was just enough to take home 100 more points to put in his back pocket that he will need to secure a spot at the 2016 PBR World Finals this November in Las Vegas!

Other Round 3 Scores 

                                 Robson Palermo (87.25)                                               Lachlan Richardson (86.75)

                                Shane Proctor (86.25)                                                   Tanner Bryne (86.00)

                               Claudio Crisostomo (84.75)                                         Derek Kolbaba (84.50)

                              Brady Sims (84.00)                                                       Joao Ricardo Vieira (82.75)

                             Mike Lee (80.00)                                                           Paulo Lima (78.50)

                                                                            Justin Paton (76.00) 

Robson Palermo Championship Round

Robson Palermo Reins Supreme In Championship Round

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When the top fifteen cowboys of the event through the first three rounds of competition were announced, the much anticipated draft for the Championship Round took place atop of the shark cage in the center of the arena.  These guys came into the draft with a clear head as to who they wanted to pick to get them to where they needed to by to gain some much needed championship points.  Once the action began the excitement rose to a level that it had not been throughout the entire weekend.

Once it was all said and done it was one man that gained the 100 points for the Championship Round win.  Brazilian Robson Palermo is no stranger to winning when it counts in clutch situations.  Today was no different as he put his opponent in check mate following a outstanding ride.  Palermo and Evan Matthews’ bull Dream Catcher matched up for an 89.50 point ride to claim victory in the Championship Round.  Along with his round winning ride there were five other athletes that managed to make it to the buzzer to claim their share of the points that were up for grabs.

round ride recap

Other Qualified Rides In Championship Round

                              Paulo Lima (87.75)                                                                   Eduardo Aparecido (87.75)

                              Tanner Bryne (86.50)                                                              Cody Nance (85.50)            

                                                                              Joao Ricardo Vieira (85.00)          

Even with the highs and lows of what happened during the Anaheim Invitational there were two cowboys that demanded the attention of each and every fan it attendance or watching at home.  That being said, there were only two that were able to stay consistent throughout the entire weekend that were able to go 4-for-4 on the weekend.  World number one, Paulo Lima, was one of those cowboys that managed to complete the task at hand but ended up in third place in the event standings.  This brings up, once again, about whether it is a good idea or not to decline a re-ride opportunity.  This is the very reason that Lima did not contest for the event win on Sunday afternoon.

Tanner Bryne Championship Round

 Tanner Bryne Wins PBR Anaheim

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Tanner Bryne knew what he had to do to shoot up the world standings coming into the fourth event of the 2016 PBR Built Ford Tough Series season.  He came out above all the rest of the 35 top bull riders in the world to win his first career event.  Everyone watching the event could tell the excitement that this talented Canadian had while walking to the front of the bucking chutes to be interviewed as the event winner.  His first career win could not have come at a better time as he was sitting well outside of the top 35 in the world standings which launched him well within the top 10 as he shoots up all the way to the sixth spot heading into Sacramento, California next weekend!

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