The First 2016 15/15 Bucking Battle Winner Crowned In New York City!

PBR New York

After a very exciting first round of competition inside Madison Square Gardens Arena the crowd had an electricity within them that was worthy of another fierce battle and that is exactly what they received.  When round one concluded everyone knew exactly what was about to happen and could feel the energy as the top fifteen bull riders in the world paired up with fifteen of the top bovine athletes that exist today.  Even though the 2016 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series has just begun it was time for the first 15/15 Bucking Battle of the season.  No where would it be better as the loyal and outspoken fans of the PBR converge on New York City!

As well as you can imagine when the top tier athletes, both human and bovine, get together there can be times of sheer joy and then there are moments of utter disbelief and things that happen that will stun everyone watching.  One of those instances happened tonight just a week after we all witnessed Bonner Bolton land on his head and lay on the arena floor motionless.  We never like to see that happen but tonight it did just that once again.

Silvano Alves was giving his all when he was bucked off of his bull and managed to come down underneath of him making everyone in attendance hold their breath.  It did not end well and left a silence inside of the arena so quiet that you could hear a pin drop as another cowboy, for the second straight week, lay motionless on the arena floor.  We all found out later that the bull had stepped directly on Alves’ head completely shattering the helmet he was wearing that ultimately saved his life.  Once the action proceeded it was then time for the fans to be turned on to some fantastic bull rides!

JW 1515

J.W. Harris Wins The 15/15 Bucking Battle Atop Like A Boss

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When you match up the best of the best on both sides of the fence in the sport of professional bull riding you are guaranteed not to see too many qualified rides but the ones you do see will be spectacular.  As the first 15/15 Bucking Battle of the 2016 season took place only two cowboys were able to bring their rides all the way to the eight second buzzer gaining a score.  Canadian sensation Tanner Bryne rode to a tune of 84.50 points while crowd favorite J.W. Harris pulled out the second victory of the night by riding his bull, Like A Boss, to a 88.75 point score.  It was a fantastic night for Harris as he split the round one win just moments before he claimed victory in the 15/15 Bucking Battle.  What will happen in the final two rounds of the second stop in the BFTS tour from New York City?  Find out by keeping up with our round by round coverage right here at the Rodeo Round Up!

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