The Choctaw Casino Iron Cowboy Was One For The Record Books!

Iron Cowboy Promo

As the start of the seventh annual Choctaw Casino and Resort Iron Cowboy presented by Kawasaki drew closer earlier this afternoon the excitement and electricity outside of the AT&T Stadium was undeniable.  Billboards were created, traffic detours were put in place and the streets around the stadium started to fill with people.  The entire Rodeo Round Up team took in all that Arlington, Texas had to offer as they played host to two of the biggest rodeo and bull riding events that are held each year.

Starting at 10 A.M. this morning the speakers were turned up and the action started across the street from the AT&T Stadium as the 2016 edition of the FanX Experience began.  Things there started off with a bang as the forty bull riders that would be competing later in the evening were signing autographs and taking pictures with their fans.  Once the doors opened to the arena it was time to turn our attention as to what was about to happen in the first round of the PBR’s Iron Cowboy!

2 Guilherme Winner round 1

Guilherme Marchi Wins Round One Of The Iron Cowboy

Photo Credit:  AVID Visual Imagery Rodeo Photography

In the first round of competition all forty of the top bull riders in the world climb aboard one bull to see if they can advance to the next round.  It is quite simple how it works, if you ride for eight seconds you move on, it is that simple.  Championship points and money are distributed after each round so those that need to make up some ground so they don’t get cut from the tour after this event could do so quite easily.  That being said it is important to ride your bulls to earn points, money and move on to claim victory for the Iron Cowboy event.

In round one the cowboys gave the thousands of fans inside of the AT&T Stadium something to cheer about as many of the top forty bull riders managed to move on to round two with a qualified ride.  Once it was all said and done 12 contestants would move on but one man stood above the rest.  Guilherme Marchi managed to make a qualified 87.50 point ride aboard Hadley Cattle Company’s Rebel to take the championship points and head into the second round solidly sitting in the number one spot and set himself up as the man to chase the rest of the night!

5 airtime

Air Time Earns Bull Of The Event Title For Second Straight Year

Photo Credit:  AVID Visual Imagery Rodeo Photography

As the field of the top forty bull riders dwindled down to just twelve after the first round of competition meant that the cream of the crop for the weekend’s Iron Cowboy was quickly becoming evident.  As the round begins the cowboys that remained knew what was in store for them as the number of rides for the day keep rising.  Along with the increased number of rides the caliber of bucking bulls were about to start wearing down the contestants that still were alive in the ride or go home format of the Iron Cowboy.

In round two there were absolutely no one able to cover to get to the eight second whistle so everyone was invited back to compete.  As the second round got underway the field of the contestants were put to the test as some of the greatest bucking bulls and stock contractors gave them all they could handle.  This seemed to be the round that would, as J.B. Mauney said, separate the boys from the men.  Once the round was complete it was a round that would be wiped clean as everyone advanced to the third round due to no qualified rides.  The bovine athlete that came out on top for round two was Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team’s Air Time who earned a 45.50 bull score!

3 Winner Round 3 Joao

Joao Ricardo Vieira Earns Round Three Honors

Photo Credit:  AVID Visual Imagery Rodeo Photography

Once a little break was over that gave the 12 cowboys that remained a chance to catch their breath it was round three that left the contestants coming face to face with the toughest bucking bulls that they have had to face thus far.  After a second round where the best bull riders in the world were dominated they had a score to settle to prove themselves to all the fans inside of the AT&T Cowboy Stadium.  The action was once again intense but the power of bucking bulls did not get any easier.

When all was said and done the field of the twelve elite cowboys of the Built Ford Tough Series tour were falling off the radar left and right.  That being said there were four who would do all that they could do to get a qualified ride to continue in the competition.  Regardless of if the ride was pretty or not it was a score on the board that would keep them in the competition.  Joao Ricardo Vieira would come out on top in round three with an 89.25 point ride and would set himself above all others heading into the fourth round of competition.

4 Shane Proctor Winning Ride

Shane Proctor Is The Only One To Cover In The Fourth Round

Photo Credit:  AVID Visual Imagery Rodeo Photography

As the night got longer it was beginning to take its toll in the top bull riders in the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series that still had a shot at becoming the newest Iron Cowboy.  Heading into the fourth round there would be only four contestants that would advance from the round of twelve that ended just minutes before.  After a second round where nobody covered it was refreshing to see twelve that did just that once things played out a second time/

Everyone knew, including the cowboys that the time was now to do what they needed to do to win this event earlier tonight.  Either way it would conclude by the end of round five and all four of the contestants knew that so they did everything they could to make sure they were victorious.  After all four rides were concluded it was only one man that would be able to cover his bull for the required eight seconds.  Shane Proctor took the title and the huge payday that went with it when he covered D&H Cattle Compay’s DaNutso for an 81.50 point ride.


Shane Proctor Wins The 2016 Iron Cowboy

Photo Credit:  AVID Visual Imagery Rodeo Photography

After an intense ride or die format that the Choctaw Casino and Resort Iron Cowboy presented by Kawasaki concluded there would be only one man who would reign supreme over all others and claim victory.  The Professional Bull Riders brought the excitement and star power to the AT&T Cowboy Stadium as the second major event of 2016 started off this historic weekend here in Arlington, Texas.  Along with the title of event winner came a huge payday of $100,000 for winning the event giving him a total of $115,625 for his efforts Saturday evening.

After all the danger on the dirt was over it was time for celebration as Shane Proctor would come out victorious and win this year’s Iron Cowboy event.  As the fans inside the arena were anxiously awaiting the winner’s interview atop the stage in between the arenas the buzz was incredible.  After a huge win like this Proctor majorly changed the look of the world standings leader board after shooting up the leader board to take over the number one spot.  Who would be on tour and who would be dropped off would all depend on how this event went and the cowboys picked up their game and stepped up all night long!


Complete Round By Round Qualified Rides Lists Are Below:

Round One:

                                        Guilherme Marchi (87.50)                                        Shane Proctor (87.25) 

                                      Joao Ricardo Vieira (86.75)                                      Mike Lee (86.75)        

                                     Lachlan Richardson (86.00)                                     Rubens Barbosa (86.00)    

                                    Fabiano Vieira (86.00)                                               Cody Ford (85.50)                                                    

                                   Aaron Roy (84.50)                                                       Paulo Lima (83.75)  

                                 Winston Lopez (83.25)                                                 Keyshawn Whitehorse (82.50)

                                                                                         Round Two:

No Qualified Rides

Round Three:

                                 Joao Ricardo Vieira (89.25)                                           Rubens Barbosa (88.00)

                                 Shane Proctor (85.75)                                                     Fabiano Vieira (85.50)

Round Four:

Shane Proctor (81.50)

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