The 2018 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Begins

The time of year has quietly approached us from behind once again as the city of Las Vegas becomes cowboy central with the 2018 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo taking center stage for the next ten nights of action.  Even though the main event may be a hard ticket to find, there are many other happenings that are taking place across town as we all watch in excitement to see who will leave Sin City with a 2018 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association or Womens Professional Rodeo Association world championship titles.  That being said, there are numerous opportunities to meet your favorite professional rodeo athletes, partake in some of the best western shopping experiences available and an overabundance of options to watch the action live from many of the viewing parties that are hosted by big-name rodeo athletes themselves.  All in all, the next ten days will be an unforgettable experience for anyone making the trek west to Las Vegas for the 2018 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

The Rodeo Round-Up will be following all of the action and late-breaking news as it happens and will work hard to be your one-stop-shop for all things needed to keep up to date on everything happening here in Las Vegas.  Even as many were making their way across the country and getting settled into one of the many hotels on the strip, some chatter has begun taking place about what each would be expecting to see throughout the ten rounds of action at the Thomas & Mack on the campus of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.  Along with all of the talk around town, many would make their way to take in one or more performances first hand while others enjoy bonding time at many of the LIVE viewing parties across town.  Even though the main focus of the next two weeks would be the world title races, there would also be some breaking news that would surely happen from time to time as well.

Trevor Brazile and Jason Hetland Share A Moment Together At The WNFR

When one thinks of stand out names within the sport of professional rodeo, one name had better come to mind as the King of the Cowboys and 23-time World Champion Trevor Brazile always shows us what a true ambassador he is to the sport that we all love.  Each and every year that we are out in Las Vegas, we look forward to getting to chat with the Brazile family and sharing some stories from the rodeo trail that we have experienced throughout the season.  There are not many other professional sports that the athletes are so easy to approach and as accessible to the fans as in the sport of professional rodeo and Trevor is one of the best at managing the demands of ten rounds of Wrangler National Finals Rodeo action and giving his time to the thousands of fans he has throughout the city hoping to meet the winningest cowboy in rodeo history.

Speaking of the King of the Cowboys and talking about breaking news earlier on in the article, the two combined for a major announcement to begin the 2018 Wrangler National Finals run in Las Vegas.  Many have begun to speculate exactly how much longer that Brazile would keep making a run and raising the records in the history books of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association before he and his family would think about hanging his hat on the arena fence post for the last time.  Earlier this week that question was all but answered after Brazile announced that he would conclude his full-time pace at the end of the 2018 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo but promised that he would still be around in other capacities so it is not a complete loss and blow to the fans of the sport but will definitely give the overall feel an adjustment moving forward.

Wyatt Denny Takes The Round One Win In The Bareback Riding At The 2018 WNFR

Photo Credit:  PRCA Media

As everyone probably knows, the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo performances consist of the traditional seven rodeo events that we all see at Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association events throughout the year so the coverage each night could be very daunting.  For this reason, we will do our best to bring you the coverage that you will be looking for and we will do this in a couple of different ways in our round recaps each night.  First, we will be showcasing one particular event each night and will focus on that round winner along with giving real-time updates as to the world title races.  We will do that by dedicating a portion of the recap to list out each round winner, the aggregate leader for the WNFR and the current world number one athlete in each event as well as the all-around title.  Doing all of this for all of you, our Rodeo Round Up team hopes to give you everything that you are looking for going through the next ten days here in Las Vegas.

Tonight for round one, we will focus on the first event taking place on the dirt of the Thomas & Mack, the bareback riding event.  Just like the other six events, the top fifteen athletes in each were invited here to compete for a huge payday and quite possibly a world title of their own.  In round one earlier tonight, the cowboys of the bareback riding event took center stage and gave the sold-out crowd what they came for by putting on a huge show and posting up some outstanding rides to carry over into tomorrow night’s round two.  After all was said and done there would be fourteen of the fifteen competing that would manage to make it to the eight-second buzzer while Wyatt Denny would take top honors with an 87 point ride atop of Pickett Pro Rodeo’s night Crawler to earn a payday of $26,231, a round winning Montana Silversmith belt buckle and a night to remember for a very long time!

Bareback Riding

Round Winner: Wyatt Denny (87.00)

Aggregate Leader: Wyatt Denny (87.00)

 World Leader: Tim O’Connell

Steer Wrestling

Round Winner: Tyler Waguespack (3.60 Seconds)

Aggregate Leader: Tyler Waguespack (3.60 Seconds)

 World Leader: Curtis Cassidy

Team Roping

Round Winner: Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira (4.20 Seconds)

Aggregate Leader: Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira (4.20 Seconds)

 World Leaders: Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira

Saddle Bronc Riding

Round Winner: Cort Scheer (86.50)

Aggregate Leader: Cort Scheer (86.50)

 World Leader: Jacobs Crawley

Tie-Down Roping

Round Winner: Caleb Smidt (7.60 Seconds)

Aggregate Leader: Caleb Smidt (7.60 Seconds)

 World Leader: Shane Hanchey

Barrel Racing

Round Winner: Hailey Kinsel (13.51 Seconds)

Aggregate Leader: Hailey Kinsel (13.51 Seconds)

 World Leader: Hailey Kinsel

Bull Riding

Round Winner: Trey Benton III (88.50)

Aggregate Leader: Trey Benton III (88.50)

 World Leader: Sage Kimzey


 World Leader: Tuf Cooper

Over the next ten nights of action here in Las Vegas, there will be many things that our Rodeo Round Up team will be keeping an eye on and some things that may be happening that we simply may not have enough time to cover.  For that reason, we would like to give you the opportunity to check out the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association website by clicking HERE to check out what is happening around town, where the parties are at and where you can watch the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo performances if you were not able to secure a ticker of your own to the Thomas & Mack.  For those of you that have not been able to join us in Las Vegas, you can keep up to date right here at the Rodeo Round Up or even watch it for yourselves each night at 9 P.M. Central on CBS Sports Network!

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