Round One Of The Sacramento PBR Was Tough On The Cowboys!

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The 2016 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series season stops out in the west coast has proved to be very stressful and disappointing for a majority of the bull riders on tour this year.  Even though the season is still very new I think it is safe to say that the top 35 bull riders in the world will be more than ready to leave California and head to the great Midwest as they roll into St. Louis, Missouri next weekend.  Last weekend and the first round tonight proved to be more than most of the cowboys could handle as the bovine power took center stage once again.

The Sacramento Invitational started off extremely slow and barely gave the loyal fans inside of the Sleep Train Arena very little to cheer about.  Although the momentum shifted in favor of the bull riders after the first half intermission it was still the power of the bucking bulls the top stock contractors in the business that was the talk of the night.  When Dakota Rodeo, D&H Cattle Company and Flying U Rodeo bring their best bovine athletes we all know in the back of our minds what to expect as round one began.

Ben Jones

Ben Jones Makes A Qualified Ride In Round One

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Once the action did kick off it was quite some time until those in attendance got something to cheer about when the first qualified ride happened.  Ryan Dirteater did kick off the night with the opening ride that ended in the first qualified ride of the round.  After that it was very few and far between as the top bull riders in the world fell by the way side one right after another one by one.  Along with the long standing names that have maintained their presence on tour there were a few names that are new to the weekly list as some of the top names in the business are out of the line-up due to injury.

After it was all said and done and the bull riders of the PBR headed back the the locker room to nurse themselves back to health and clear their minds for round two it was only 12 of the top 35 bull riders in the world that would be able to make it to the much elusive eight second whistle tonight.  As we look forward to tomorrow night’s draw it does not get any easier as the Built Ford Tough Series winds down on the west coast and head inward to the great Midwest next weekend.

stormy wing

Stormy Wing Takes The Round One Victory

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Stormy Wing has been making a statement and letting everyone know he has a clear head and is making a legitimate run at the 2016 PBR World Championship title.  Earlier this week Stormy made the decision to take up some space and move in with close friend and reigning PBR World Champion J.B. Mauney.  After tonight it looks like that decision alone lit a fire inside of him and made him change his whole outlook of the new year and the many performances that lie in front of him.

Tonight it was in fact Stormy Wing who would reign supreme and take home a much needed round victory that would move him well up in the rankings and secure him a spot to maintain his spot in the Built Ford Tough Series.  Before his qualified ride of 88 points aboard 2 K Bucking Bull’s Legacy he was well within the bottom of the PBR standings but this win soared him up the world standings to the number 35 spot as he looks upwards and beyond to continue to rise up the leader board throughout the 2016 season!

round ride recap

Along with Stormy Wing’s ride it was 11 others who would manage to make the whistle as well.

Those remaining round one rides are:

                                          J.B. Mauney (86.50)                                       Eduardo Aparecido (85.75)

                                          Fabiano Vieira (85.50)                                   Lachlan Richardson (85.25)

                                         Derek Kolbaba (84.50)                                   Ben Jones (84.25)

                                         Lindomar Lino (83.50)                                   Robson Aragao (82.50)

                                        Ryan Dirteater (82.25)                                     Tanner Bryne (82)

                                                                               Cody Heffernan (78.75)

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