The PBR Returns To Kansas City For The 2018 Caterpillar Classic

After last weekend’s event was concluded, the first cut of the early 2018 PBR 25th Anniversary Monster Energy Unleash The Beast Tour was made and that would bring us to quite a different look as we were set to invade Kansas City Missouri for the Caterpillar Classic this weekend!  As everyone was vying for their own spot for the next five events, the will and determination was unwavering last weekend and looks as if that had not changed as we made out way back to the Midwest for this weekend’s event.  That being said, there is still some unfinished business that will make these next three weekends very exciting to be a part of as we all wait to see what the outcomes will be!

Coming into this weekend’s event, there are still two riders that were in the top thirty from the 2017 season that are currently sitting outside the top thirty this year, making them in the conversation of being cut from the tour.  Because of their status last year they were granted three extra events that begin here in Kansas City to earn their way above the cut line, but, if they can not do so Emilio Resende, Marco Eguchi and Mason Lowe will undoubtedly be cut from the Unleash The Beast Tour and have to earn their way back on through the Velocity Tour ranks.  Because of this, each of them knew exactly what they had to do if they choose to keep their sponsorships and spots among the elite level of the best bull riders in the world!

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Marco Eguchi Earns The Round One Win Here In Kansas City

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Along with the sport of professional bull riding comes injuries and this weekend here will see some new faces due to those that are out recuperating from their own sustained throughout the year so far and from the latter part of last year.  Three of them will be making their 2018 season debuts while the last of the four alternates will be making his career debut on the Monster Energy Unleash The Beast Tour this weekend.  Keyshawn Whitehorse, Linomar Lino and Colten Jesse will be returning for another appearance while newcomer Chase Robbins will show up to the big leagues for the first time in his career.  Each knows that they would come into round one needing just one event win to be guaranteed a spot moving forward.

With round one in their sights, the top thirty-six bull riders in the world began their journey towards an event champion title of their own here at the Caterpillar Classic all while being matched up with some of the rankest bucking bulls in the business.  Although the entire round was very exciting to watch, the qualified rides only began to trickle in through the first few sections.  Once we were able to get to the meat of the order, things began to turn towards the cowboy’s favor on Saturday Night Live.  Once the round was completed there would be a total of twelve of the riders here this weekend that would manage to earn a qualified ride and carry a score over into Championship Sunday tomorrow afternoon.  Tonight, the spotlight would shine brightly on Marco Eguchi as he would take home the round win aboard T-Raybulls/Paradigm Bull Co/Rockin T Ranch’s Reign Lashes Testified with an 89.75 point ride to head into tomorrow’s action 100 world title race points richer in hopes of taking home the event win here in Kansas City!

Complete Round One Qualified Rides Of Round One In Kansas City:

Marco Eguchi (89.75)                                          Dener Barbosa (89.25)

Fabiano Vieira (87.25)                                         Chase Robbins (87.00)

Joao Ricardo Vieira (86.50)                                Guilherme Marchi (86.25)

Claudio Montanha Jr. (85.00)                            Emilio Resende (83.50)

Cody Teel (82.25)                                                   Keyshawn Whitehorse (81.75)

Mason Lowe (81.50)                                              J.B. Mauney (73.00)

J.B. Mauney Is Welcomed Back With A Qualified Ride Saturday Night

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

As tonight’s round one performance began to come into view for the thousands of fans that filed into the Sprint Center, the buzz surrounding what they would see was gaining steam with the announcement of some returning contestants that have been missing from competition.  Not only would fans see what the new makeup would look like after the first cut of the season, they would be able to watch two returning riders compete once again, one for the first time this season and one returning after his only 2018 appearance in New York City.  Many speculated if they draw would stay that way or if it would change and once tonight rolled around, everyone would be thrilled that they would, in fact, be able to watch two of their favorites compete once again!

If everyone did not know already after watching Facebook, browsing the Professional Bull Riders website or following Justin Felisko’s Twitter account, everyone was very excited to see that two of the best bull riders in the business would be making their returns to the arena here this weekend in Kansas City!  Earlier this week, both 2-time PBR World Champion J.B. Mauney and fan favorite Stormy Wing made their intentions known by announcing that they would be stepping foot on the arena floor again which left many fans rejoicing and full of excitement.  All of us were wondering how the time away would affect them and tonight we were able to find that out for ourselves after Stormy Wing would come down early while J.B. Mauney would earn a qualified yet very low score of 73 points but that would not dampen the spirits of many as each have one more opportunity again tomorrow afternoon as Championship Sunday dawns upon us!

Coming into this weekend’s event everyone had their own thoughts as to what the first cut of the season did to those that did not make it and what the lingering effects will be for those three that were still trying to earn a spot with two more events to go after this weekend.  Many questions still remain regarding the live events but one question was also answered earlier this week that will give fans their own up close and personal chance to watch events live beginning in a few short days!  Although we are getting used to watching the On-Demand the morning after, many were excited to see that next weekend will be the time that the new digital platform of the PBR, Ride Pass, will make its debut and allow fans to watch all the action in real time!  All plans will start at $6.99/month and will begin for next weekend’s event in St. Louis on February 12th!

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