PBR CEO Sean Gleason Talks Ride Pass And More

Over the years we have all watched the Professional Bull Riders organization have its ups and downs and transition through many changes as everyone involved strived to make it the best that it could ever be.  As we come together this year to celebrate the organization’s 25th anniversary, we will be noticing several changes that will begin to take not only the PBR to new heights but the sports involved with the western lifestyle as well.  Throughout the past couple of years, we have already seen several of these changes begin to take place and watch the talent level soar to new levels that we have never seen before.  If what we have seen so far in the 2018 season is any indication as to what we can expect to see in the future, we are in for a treat as we continue to enjoy the sport of professional bull riding.

Many of those changes that have taken place and will continue to take place have been the ideas of one man, the CEO of the Professional Bull Riders Sean Gleason, and will begin to take center stage once again tomorrow night as the St. Louis Invitational is set to begin.  Throughout the last couple of years especially, we have seen many major stances on a few different issues and we have also watched the contestants and fans stand behind our men and women in all different types of uniforms.  Along with that, we are also experiencing a change in direction with a new digital access platform and alignments with other major associations to expand mainstream overage of western lifestyle events.  Earlier this week, I was able to sit down with Sean Gleason to learn from him all the answers to the questions that those across the country have had.  Below we will break them down and hear him answer all of them one by one!

Will Ride Pass continue to expand partnerships to make it a must-have in households across the country?

What other coverage can fans expect to see going forward by subscribing to the ride pass platform?

What are the major differences between the free coverage option or the pay options available to the fans of the PBR?

What different camera angles and features can fans expect to see with the pay options that will bring them closer to the action than ever before?

Will Ride Pass be LIVE or will fans still see the tape-delayed style coverage that we see on CBS Sports Network?

Just a few days ago, the announcement was made that the Professional Bull Riders would be partnering with the newly formed World Champions Rodeo Alliance which would raise some eyebrows and questions as to exactly what it was.  Before the major announcement, no one had ever heard of this organization before and immediately began speculating on what this would mean for the industry and if this would affect on-going partnerships in the future.  During my conversation with Sean Gleason, I was able to ask the hard questions and get his thoughts and responses to share with all of the fans and followers of the Rodeo Round-Up.  Below I have broken down the questions one-by-one and have included the audio clips from our conversation so there is no doubt what was said throughout our interview earlier this week.

Will the announcement of the WCRA partnership beginning in May completely replace the Helldorado Days event for the weekend?

So does this mean the PBR actually owns the new WCRA?

Will fans be able to learn more about what the WCRA actually is in the near future before the May event in Las Vegas?

Was the WCRA established to compete with other professional rodeo organizations?

What does the “Celebrate America” do for the Professional Bull Riders and what is it meant to stand for and how did Ryan Weaver become the voice behind the movement?

Image result for question mark

So the new point system is in place for the Velocity Tour this year, what was the reason behind that and how will that affect the world standings look moving forward?

Many questions have been asked regarding the cuts that are made and why there are differences.  The first cut of the season happened last week but there is another one after the eighth event, why is that?

How do you go about deciding who gets “invites” m you personally and has this come about?

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