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The Rodeo Round Up has just received a phone call regarding a major development regarding the future of the newly formed Elite Rodeo Association and the possibility of having its own World Finals in the great state of Texas.  We have been following all of the happenings extrememly closely to see what would happen with this new association designed and started by some of the rodeo industry’s “top-tier” athletes and after tonight’s announcement I have a feeling that we will be seeing things progress quite rapidly in the next couple of months.

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Texas State Representative Cecil Bell, Jr. Announces Bill With Several World Champions

Numerous Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association and Women’s Professional Rodeo Association’s World Champions and top athletes decended upon Austin, Texas in February earlier this year to announce the formation of the Elite Rodeo Association and its desire to hold its own World Finals in the great state of Texas.  After Texas lost the bid to hold the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo there was a buzz around the state capital to make sure they had a finals of their own to compete with what is to happen in Las Vegas and the ERA was their answer.

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Texas State Representative Cecil Bell, Jr.

Texas State Representative Cecil Bell, Jr. authored a bill asking the state legislature to consider naming the Elite Rodeo Association as an addition to the state’s Major Event Trust Fund.  After almost 4 months of back and forth volleying the origional bill that was brought before the house as its own bill was redesigned and brought back to the floor for a vote in conjunction with numerous other bills tonight.  The change to add the ERA to the METF, Major Events Trust Fund, passed both the house and the senate just one short hour ago and will now go to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.

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Now that the ERA has been added to the trust fund they can start going forward in making the association’s start to happen just next year in 2016.  Things will not be easy, as you can imagine, to make it happen so quickly as there is so much to do to make it a lasting and competing association.  Not only do events need to be booked but a sight selection committee must be formed and then the task of finding the ideal location within the great state of Texas will have to happen which could prove to be the toughest thing the new ERA will have to come across.  The Rodeo Round Up team will continue to follow the developments regarding this situation and bring you all of the latest breaking news as it comes across our phone lines and news feeds.

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