Latte’s Notice of Sheriff’s Sale Is Released!

Mary Walker and barrel horse Latte
2012 World Champion Barrel Racer Mary Walker and Latte

The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office Notice of Sale has been published for the World Champion barrel horse Latte.  There has been a lot of speculation about what happened to get it to this point and I have heard many different reasons but have not been able to reach Cheri Cogburn for any comments but will continue to try to then bring them to you here at The Rodeo Round Up.

Yesterday I reported what Mary Walker had posted on her personal Facebook fan page and will continue to keep everyone updated to any information that may come out regarding the sale of Latte.  Today I received a release of the sale notice and wanted to post it here so everyone had a chance to read it.  I truly hope that I will hear something from Cheri Cogburn so we all can hear both sides to the story.  I have included a direct link to posting for the sale of Latte on the sheriff’s website here.

All of us at the Rodeo Round Up hope that this whole issue will be resolved peacefully and that some way some how we here from Cheri’s side so we can all know the entire story.  I personally ask each of you to reserve judgment until we know the whole story but pray that this amazing team of Mary Walker and Latte be able to continue their championship relationship together once everything is said and done.

NFR World Finals Las vegas
Mary Walker and Latte at the 2012 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo –
Photo Credit: Tammy Scheffler / T. Scheffler Photography

I have also been asked to tell people that the numerous requests for money donations were not authorized by Mary or Byron and we can not confirm if these sires are hoaxes or not.  Please refrain from donating to these places at this time.  Mary posted this request on her page and it states, ” Pls I did not ask for or want a donation page please
We are raising funds to be paid back after we find out the amount we need.  If interested message Byron Walker
Thanks for the kindness & all support
“.  If you want to keep up with Mary Walker throughout the year you can follow her Facebook fan page here.






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    is the auction online? ifso where?

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