Host City And Arena Leaked In The Possible WNFR Move To Texas!

The has confirmed more breaking news coming out of Texas regarding the possible move of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association‘s National Finals Rodeo there starting in the year 2015.  Sources close to the negotiations have released exclusive details about the proposal given to Commissioner Karl Stressman and the Board of Directors directly to us for publication!

Many unanswered questions have been brought to life tonight including the host city, host arena, unofficial time frames on finding out answers and the main players working to bring the superbowl of rodeo to Texas.

My sources have given me official statements coming out of Texas tonight but would like to remain unanimous until everything is 100% finalized.  Here is the complete statement that received tonight: “Dallas Texas is the unnamed city that we have been referring to over the last day or so and the City and County of Dallas, State of Texas, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban are the Big Players.”  The statement goes on to say this, “The National Finals Rodeo will be at American Airlines Center if it is here.”

american airlines center

The American Airlines Arena in Dallas, TX

This is huge news coming out of the state that is in the running for hosting the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo starting in 2015.  Commissioner Karl Stressman and the PRCA Board of Directors were in Austin, TX earlier this week to discuss the proposal from the state of Texas and the city of Dallas.

Now we not only know the host city and arena but we have also found out one of the biggest players to help make this move happen.  Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and multi-million dollar “Shark Tank” television personality is throwing his name and money into the ring.

People may know of him from being a “shark” on the hit T.V. show that gives ordinary folks a chance to expand their dreams and businesses by receiving financial help from the folks that are the “shark investors.”

It seems to me that earlier this week the PRCA Commissioner and its Board of Directors played their cards right and made this investor interested in helping bring the 2015 PRCA Wrangler National Finals Rodeo to his hometown of Dallas for the years to come.

mark cubin moving the NFR to Dallas??

Dallas Mavericks’ Owner Mark Cuban

Remember folks nothing has been set in stone yet and we will not have any final answers until the end of the month at least as to what the PRCA decides to do.

There are still a few options for them to consider before making the sport and life changing decisions on what to do with the WNFR moving forward.  Las Vegas Events is set to give a counter offer to the PRCA sometime tomorrow and Florida is still in the hunt as well.

From what I have heard it will be very hard to beat Texas’ offer that is currently on the table though.  With the final details of the Texas proposal still under wraps no one knows what kind of counter offers the other two cities will come back with to try to stay in contention with each other until a final decision has been made.  Stay tuned to for all the late breaking news and announcements regarding the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo future!

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