Good News From The Team Moreno Camp This Morning!!


Wonderful news is coming out of California this morning regarding the status of PBR stock contractor and owner of World Champion Bucking Bull Bushwacker, Julio Moreno.  The Rodeo Round Up reported yesterday that Moreno was injured in a horseback riding accident in Modesto and information that was coming in was pretty sketchy.  Kinda Moreno has been providing daily updates so all of his family, friends and fans can follow his progress through recovery.  Today’s update is nothing but a miracle and is fantastic news just two days after an accident that could have been deadly.


This morning Kinda Moreno updated all of us through her facebook page and let us know how Julio is doing and what the recovery plans are.  Here is what today’s update is:


Good morning, All

Julio is doing quite well considering everything. The doctors do not have him on any in hospital restrictions, other than his neck brace. He has been up and out of bed several times, walking and sitting in a chair. He’s a bit restless trying to get comfortable to sleep, but was able to get a few hours last night. His voice sounds much better today and he seems to be in good spirits. We will know more of a plan today as the day goes by. As of yesterday, they were leaving him in ICU through the night (last night) and planned to move him to a regular room today sometime. As I know more details, I will keep you all updated.

On a funny note, for all of you that know Julio well, the first thing he said when he came out of surgery was, “where’s my Blistex?!” Also, he could not be interrupted during the Championship game last night by any of the nurses… It’s a good sign to know he’s feeling a bit better!

Again, thank you all for the kind words and prayers. They have not gone unnoticed and have touched our hearts more than words can say.

Talk soon,

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