An Exclusive Inside Look At AT&T Stadium Home Of The Dallas Cowboys

Jason and The Rodeo Round Up team was given exclusive access to the well protected and secretive depths of AT&T Stadium while in Arlington Texas covering the PBR’s Iron Cowboy V and the RFD-TV’s The American.  The Dallas Cowboys staff gave us an exclusive tour of how the stadium works and the high roller luxury suites.  Below are just a few of the video clips the Rodeo Round Up was able to make public for your viewing pleasure!

An inside look at the video monitoring room at AT&T Stadium

A view from my platform while covering the events at AT&T Stadium

A look inside a luxury suite at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas

One other point that I must tell you is that the huge screen in the middle of the arena cost over $40 million dollars and is made up of many “panels” that are the size of a 50 inch television screen to make switching out parts of it much easier and faster.  Below are a couple of documents supplied by AT&T Stadium that breakdown everything you ever wanted to know about it and trust me when I say that many of these things will make you take a step back and realize what this stadium means not only to the folks in Texas but all those throughout the nation!

AT&T Stadium Facts & Figures                    AT&T Details

The stadium that Jerry Jones built here in Arlington Texas has a price tag over over 1.4 Billion dollars and The Rodeo Round Up has given you exclusive access to the inside as not other could have done!

I hope that each of you get a chance to visit this stadium while in Arlington at some point.  The AT&T Stadium, the Texas Rangers Ballpark and Six Flags is all within a 4 block radius so you will always have many options for a short family vacation.  Once you visit these three attractions you can drive a short 20 minutes away and visit the world famous Stockyards in Ft. Worth which also includes the world renowned Billy Bob’s nightclub where many famous country music acts have performed throughout the years!

This was my first time to visit all of these venues and they are all breathtaking and worth the trip and cost to tour.  The folks here have been top notch and a huge thanks goes out to the Dallas Cowboys staff for going above and beyond to make all the media feel appreciated throughout this weekends festivities!!






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