An Exciting Greensboro Event Comes To An End

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After a very interesting round one last night, the top thirty-five bull riders in the world come into this afternoon’s championship Sunday performance ready to give it their all to make it to the championship round later this afternoon.  Even though a majority of those outside of the top ten had a rough go in round one, we should all be looking for a better performance here today after looking through the draw sheet.  Much like yesterday, many of the bovine athletes that are making an appearance are virtually unknown on the Professional Bull Riders 225th Anniversary Monster Energy Unleash The Beast tour but are quite well known to the riders that they will be facing.  All in all, nobody believes that we will have to wait until the top ten perform to have things to cheer about here on Championship Sunday.

Once the Greensboro Coliseum opened its doors earlier today the excitement and feel of a Championship Sunday could be felt no matter where you were at, in the locker room, at the merchandise booth or in the nearly sold-out seating area.  Following this weekend’s conclusion each and every one of us knew that there was only one more opportunity, next weekend in Nampa, to move up into the top thirty-five in the world standings to punch your ticket to Las Vegas and the 201 Professional Bull Riders World Finals at the state of the art T-Mobile Arena.  After huge performances by those sitting outside of the top thirty-five last night, anything is up for grabs as they look to make big moves here this weekend.  Many questions remained and would be answered following the final rider here later this afternoon!

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Cannon Cravens Takes Home The Round Two Win In Greensboro

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

As the introductions and opening ceremonies began on Sunday afternoon the feelings and anticipation as to what was going to happen by the end of the day was the main question that remained in Greensboro.  Following a round last night that looked gloomy until the last ten rides, each of those cowboys that were not able to make the eight-second buzzer look to change the tides today and do what they can to earn a spot in the championship round.  As the eyes are focused on the races that the cowboys are in we can not forget about the bovine athletes that are trying to impress and earn their own spots in Las Vegas.  Today, I can imagine the bovine power we will see from these unknowns will match the athleticism that we were able to see from their counterparts in round one last night.

When the round two action finally began it was time for the cowboys to step up and change their fortunes that they suffered through last night when the unknown bulls made their debuts much to the cowboy’s dismay.  Here in round two, there were some very interesting match-ups that left us with ten more qualified rides to add to the fourteen that we were able to see last night with ten of those being from the top ten in the world as they all rode to close out the round.  Sunday afternoon belonged to only one bull rider as he makes his way to Las Vegas as part of the top thirty-five in the world standings.  Cannon Cravens would be able to tame Torres Brothers Bucking Bulls LLC’s Rebel Call to the tune of 87.50 points to earn another 100 world title race points and the round two win sending him into the Championship Round full of swagger and confidence!  This weekend’s performance would also leave him sitting number thirty-seven in the world standings as we head to the last event of the 2018 season in Nampa, Idaho next weekend.

Complete List Of Qualified Rides Fron Round One In Greensboro:

Cannon Cravens (87.50)                                                                              Brennon Eldred (87.25)

Matt Triplett (86.50)                                                                                    Koal Livingston (86.50)

Eduardo Aparecido (85.75)                                                                        Joao Ricardo Vieira (85.75)

Valdiron de Oliveira (84.50)                                                                      Kaique Pacheco (84.25)

Cody Teel (82.50)                                                                                         Luciano De Castro (81.75)

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Kaique Pacheco Rides To The Championship Round Victory

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Following an event where so many things were moved around in the world standings and unleash The Beast Tour newcomers began to shine we also saw the resurgence of a few of those cowboys that have been trying to make a statement after coming back from injuries.  As the names began to be called and the bulls were drafted one by one, the fans in attendance and all of us watching at home began to gain even more excitement as we looked over the fifteen line-ups that we were about to watch before our very eyes.  The question would be is would the number one bull rider in the world continue to make a historic run, much like J.B. Mauney’s back in the day, or if the young guns would shine over Greensboro once we reached the conclusion of the 2018 Cooper Tires Take The Money And Run event.

After all was said and done and the bulls were picked by each of the fifteen bull riders that managed to make it to the Championship Round it was time to get down to the business at hand and see how the final round in Greensboro would play out.  Once things began down on the arena floor we quickly saw why the final round of any event is the toughest of all as the bovine athletes took center stage with huge performances.  When things were all said and done, there would be a total of five of the fifteen that would make the eight-second buzzer to earn a score and put up a qualified ride on the board.  One of those five, Kaique Pacheco, would win the round with an 87.50 point ride aboard D&H Cattle Company/David Huffman’s Jack Shot to finish third in the event for the weekend.

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Matt Triplett Is Crowned The Take The Money And Ride Event Champion

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

As the regular season of the Professional Bull Riders 25th Anniversary Monster Energy Unleash The Beast Tour winds down many of the cowboys on tour are doing everything that they can to secure their own spot for the 2018 PBR World Finals  That being said, this weekend’s event was one for the record books as the young 18-year-old Cannon Cravens won his first two ever Unleash The Beast Tour rounds which only began the list of huge happenings here in Greensboro.  Many more things are happening and will make for a fantastic and drama filled event in Nampa, Idaho next weekend as we close out the regular season and look forward to the World Finals event in Las Vegas.  Things are looking up for many of those cowboys that are trying to make it into the top thirty-five or that are trying to make sure they have done enough to secure their chance at a world title of their own.

When things were all said and done, the leaderboard was amazing to see as the numbers began rolling in and the world title race was being analyzed to see what changes would happen following the event here in Greensboro.  After all was said and done, there would be only two that would go a perfect 3-for-3 and take home the top two positions in the end that came with some huge world title race points, Kaique Pacheco taking home a second place finish and then Matt Triplett who would win the event and become overwhelmed with emotion.  Triplet looked unstoppable and gathered up 259.50 points throughout the weekend that would give him a whopping 555 world titel race points that would all but secure his precious spot at the 2018 PBR World Finals in just three short weeks from Las Vegas and the beautiful T-Mobile Arena!

To say that the bull riders here this weekend competing at the Cooper Tires Take The Money And Ride event in Greensboro had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows would be a huge understatement.  That being said, the bubble race, the Rookie of the Year race and the overall world title race are all being watched very closely.  Not much has changed in the top ten this weekend but there have been some major shifts in the overall top thirty-five that should make the final stop of the 2018 Unleash The Beast season in Idaho next weekend a very interesting one to watch.  The Rodeo Round p team will be following all the stories that happen and will bring you real-time updates and break down all the major moves that will be happening so stay tuned for a fantastic end to the 2018 season!

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