American 300 And Wrangler National Patriot Tour Founder Rob Powers Talks

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Wrangler National Patriot Tour Founder Rob Powers

A couple of years ago I had the honor of meeting one of the men that I looked up to even know I had not ever met him personally.  Rob Powers, founder of the Wrangler National Patriot Tour and the American 300 Tour, took the time to talk to me and make me feel welcome into the family of United States military veterans that are part of the professional rodeo industry.  To this day I still carry a deep resect for him and what he stands for and am proud to call him and his family dear friends of mine.

The American 300 Tour brings celeberities to remote locations as well as military bases across the United States to provide those members a time to forget about everything and meet some of their role models and heroes.  The Wrangler National Patriot Tour does that very same thing but brings the biggest stars from the professional rodeo industry to give back to the men and women that proudly serve our country and protect the freedoms that each one of us have as citizens of the greatest country in the world!


Rob Powers And Jason Hetland

After meeting Rob for the first time we have been keeping in contact and I am proud to say that Rob and his organizations continue to be supporters of my team and I and what we do here at the Rodeo Round Up.  We are very thankful for his friendship and support that he shows us each and every year and am proud to wear his organization’s logos throughout the rodeo season.  Being a veteran owned and operated organization it means more than you know to be able to raise awareness for these two fantastic ventures.

Jason had a chance to sit down and chat with Rob again this year, as we do each and every year, to talk about exactly why and how he came up with the idea to start both the American 300 and Wrangler National Patriot Tours.  I thought I knew this great man but after talking to him this year I was proven wrong which gave me even a greater amount of respect for him.  Below I have shared the interview we did this past December at the 2015 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo so you can find out for yourselves what makes this man tick.  I hope you enjoy getting to know Rob Powers just a little better as the Rodeo Round Up team will continue to work with him throughout the next few years!

Now that you have had the chance to hear his story and get to know the man behind the brands on a closer level I hope that it inspires you to learn about the organizations a little more as well.  The American 300 organization’s website gives you a better understanding as to all that they do and I urge you to go check it out by clicking the link here.    Along with that there is also the rodeo based Wrangler National Patriot Tour and can be checked out by clicking here to see what happens each and every year across the world!

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