NFR in Texas May Be A Done Deal!!! At Least For Now!

As folks wake up again this morning there is even more news coming out from the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association office that there is something huge happening on the horizon in the great state of Texas!  There is nothing for sure announced yet but there are many hints and teasers being dropped already this morning.

tx ORCA pic

PRCA Commissioner Karl Stressman at the state capital in Texas

PRCA Commissioner Karl Stressman and the Board of Directors were in the capital city of Austin meeting with the Governor and House Representatives as publicity photos were spreading around social media adding to the questions and hype surrounding why.  This morning on the facebook page Support the PRCA an official press release gave a few more hints as to what the meeting was about.  Here is the official press release to bring everyone up to speed as to what we all know so far:

Sorry for the delays in announcements, everyone has to be patient, the hecklers are just causing there selves embarrassment , just know that the state of Texas is the largest rodeo state in the country, with the largest number of rodeo athletes in the nation, and Governor Perry has deep route’s in the rodeo world along with many of the legislators in congress . There are confidentiality agreements that are in place and millions of dollars at stake. Just know that Texas and the PRCA , the governor, congressmen, and some bareback riders are working along with a large City group to put together the biggest 10 day rodeo in history. There is no “American, or Vegas or anything that can come close to it. Trust Texas, trust your board, trust the cowboys involved, and remember if you build it they will come! Oh and everyone of you rodeo fans wont hurt for you to pray, this one is worth praying for…hecklers be patient, your board cannot talk right now, I assure you Governor Perry, Mr Stressman and everyone involved will be smiling when all is finished. Remember this cannot happen until 2015, there is plenty of time for the entire rodeo world to prepare and adjust. Thanks and relax the National Finals Rodeo and the PRCA are alive and well, with more interest than ever. – Jay Cannon

The Great Falls Tribune had the opportunity to talk with PRCA Commissioner Karl Stressman via telephone and published their conversation this morning as well.  You can read the entire conversation HERE and find out what he thinks about the situations and the aspect of social media behind it

Editors Note:  Jay Cannon is a moderator for the Cuttin Up Radio facebook page and is closely involved with the talks happening at the state capital in Texas

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2 responses to “NFR in Texas May Be A Done Deal!!! At Least For Now!”

  1. pete Avatar

    Why is no other outlet picking this up? How can Texas be in play when Vegas and Florida had the bids and extension to work out. Is the PRCA board just doing what ever they want to do and screwing over these places? The people who pay their dues and there are many have no voice anymore. Keep screwing people over Mr. Commissioner and you may find you have little to no due paying members. PBR pulled all your big names out another group can also

  2. Buckers Avatar

    Vegas counter offer is due tomorrow. There was never a deadline for the PRCA to decide on NFR. Vegas put a deadline on PRCA and they rejected their first offer. What’s wrong with opening it up with other cities? Get the best possible deal for the contestants and the PRCA as a whole. It’s a business! Every other major sporting event moves around, why can’t the NFR???

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