J.B. Mauney continues his winning streak at Madison Square Gardens in NYC

2013 PBR World Champion, J.B. Mauney, continued his winning ways at the first stop on the 2014 season at Madison Square Gardens in NYC.  It may have been below zero outside but the temperature was hitting record setting highs inside Madison Square Gardens.  J.B. Mauney tied the record for consecutive bulls rode at 15 with Terry Don West after the Championship Round on January 5, 2014.

This young man has grown up before our very eyes over the past couple of years and it is showing in his success on the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Tour.  He ended the 2013 season off with 12 straight rides and being crowned the new World Champion in the tightest race in the 20-year history of the PBR.  J.B. Mauney had not been on a bull since November coming into the 2014 season opener in New York City but that did not hurt him in any way as he went 4 for 4 to split the win with Brazil’s own  Fabiano Vieira with a 347.50 score for each of them.

CBS Sports Network’s Leah Garcia spoke with J.B. after the second round of competition and he made it very clear that the eye is still on the prize and he plans on continuing to break records in the years to come.  He said that now the pressure is off of him after winning the World Championship that has been his dream for 27  years and he can go through this year riding bulls and having fun while doing it.  Now, this does not mean that he is not focused and he says his new goal now is to be the first person in PBR history to win the World  Championship three straight years back to back.

This new year can take its toll on J.B. Mauney if the first week of the season in NYC is any indication.  Being the new World Champ brings a whole new aspect to each stop on the 2014 season.  Many media outlets, newspapers, television stations, etc. want the time of 2013 defending American World Champion.  This can either hamper and distract a person or make them more dedicated to defending for a second straight year.  I have a feeling with J.B.’s new outlook and family additions with his lovely wife Lexie and their beautiful daughter whose name I will not publish out of respect for their privacy I think he will handle it just fine and will be one of the top contenders again in the 2014 season and will be on top for the second straight year after the last bull is bucked in October at the World Finals in Las Vegas!

jb and lexie

Photo credit: Lexie Mauney’s cousin Suzy Delaplain … thank you to Lexie for allowing the use of this picture!!

J.B. has had many life changes that have changed his mind frame and how he looks at each weekend on the road.  His beautiful bride Lexie and his outspoken daughter he has a complete team behind him to maintain his road to history for many years to come.  Next week is Chicago and if J.B. rides his next bull he will set yet another record for the most consecutive bulls rode and will help him continue his hot streak that will make it hard for anyone else on tour to keep up with your defending World Champ!!



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  1. Joan Simpson Avatar

    I have been a fan of JB since 2008 and have always thought he was one of the greatest bull riders
    coming along in the sport. In 2009 he rode for the first time In history all 8 bulls at the World Finals and this year accomplished the feat again by riding all of his bulls in the finals and accomplished winning the World Championship for 2013. Being a fan of JB for so long and seeing him win and ride all of his bulls for the second time in history was the happiest moment for me, for sure, since I am from North Carolina. Yes, the first bull rider to win the World East of the Mississippi a very proud moment for this Mauney Minion!

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