The 2020 WNFR Continues With Round Four

Last night’s third round of competition at the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo was one that many were waiting for as the tides began to change from the first two nights with new go-round champions crowned.  Many were first-time go-round winners with some competing at their first-ever Wrangler National Finals Rodeo as others being veteran go-round winners.  One of those veterans would be the go-round winner in the bareback riding last night, Kaycee Feild, who is a fan favorite, ending a drought and walking across the stage for the first time since 2015 if you can believe that.  Others were able to experience that feeling for the very first time in their career and the excitement that they brought to the arena floor was infectious and carried to what transpired here earlier tonight in round four.

Tonight as the round began we noticed some of the bumps and bruises that the athletes had to endure last night take effect on their bodies as the rounds continue to move towards the ending point of round ten this coming Saturday night.  It was very interesting to see and hear Dr. Tandy Freeman talk about the growing list of what the Justin Sports Medicine team is having to deal with as these cowboys and cowgirls keep putting in the efforts, hiding their pain from the eyes of all those watching around the world.  As things progress thr0ughout the next week the world title races are just beginning to heat up right along with the iconic Top Gun award which we will talk a little bit about later.

Ty Wallace Brings Home The Round Four Win In The Bull Riding

Photo Credit: Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding

Over the course of the last three nights, we have seen some of the best bull riders in the world get knocked out, flipped upside down, and bullfighters take shots that would knock anyone else out of action.  The crazy thing is the top fifteen in the world continue to show up and put forth the effort that is needed to compete for a world championship title.  Last night, only two would be able to make the eight-second mark as the “TV Pen” of bovine athletes gave the bull riders the most problems that they have seen thus far.  This pen included many of the top bucking bulls in the PRCA, including the Bull of the Year honoree Chiseled which Boudreaux Campbell took to 7.4 seconds last night!

Tonight, it was apparent that the pen was much more rideable as six of the fifteen were able to make the mark, a clear better position for the cowboy athletes than 24-hours ago.  Although many were noticeably riding through pain, they all knew that a Montana Silversmith buckle and a new world champion title was waiting for them on the other end of the week as one of the best races in history begins to take center stage, especially after tonight’s round four performance.  Once all the rides were completed it would be that of Ty Wallace who would take sole possession of the round four win after laying down a huge 90.50 point ride aboard Hi Lo Pro Rodeo’s Lipps.

Ryder Wright Leads The RAM Top Gun Standings Through Round Four

Even though the main focus is on all of the world title races that will be decided this coming Saturday night at the conclusion of round ten, there is another award that is focused on the performance at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo itself.  The RAM Top Gun Award is given to the cowboy or cowgirl that has earned the most money over the ten days of action and it is a coveted title and award that every athlete that comes to the WNFR strives to get for more reasons that one.  The contestant that leaves Arlington, Texas with the most WNFR earnings this year will also drive back home in a brand new 2021 Dodge RAM pick-up truck as part of the Top Gun Award program.

After the first four rounds of action, everyone has witnessed a few athletes pretty much dominate their respective events by earning multiple go-round wins so far with six more rounds left to be dealt with.  That being said, it is pretty astounding to see the money earnings by some thus far which is the reason that we wanted to showcase this here in tonight’s story.  Coming into tonight’s round four it would be the team ropers that lead the pack with Dustin Egusquiza & Travis Graves placing in each of the three rounds, winning two of them and earning $80,653.85 so far.  After tonight’s fourth round was complete it would be Ryder Wright who would sit atop of the Top Gun standings with a whopping $83,615.39 won in just four nights of action!

Round Four Winners From The 2020 WNFR:


Round Winner: Tim O’Connell (90.50)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Leighton Berry (343.50/4)

World Title Leader:  Tim O’Connell


Steer Wrestling:

Round Winner: Jacob Talley (3.4 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Stetson Jorgensen (16.6 Seconds/4)

World Title Leader:  Matt Reeves


Team Roping:

Round Winners: Brenten Hall & Chase Tryan (4.2 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leaders: Dustin Egusquiza & Travis Graves (22.0 Seconds/4)

World Title Leaders: Dustin Egusquiza & Travis Graves


Saddle Bronc Riding:

Round Winner: Ryder Wright (89.50)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Ryder Wright (349.50/4)

World Title Leader:  Wyatt Casper


Tie-Down Roping:

Round Winner: Adam Gray (7.8 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Westyn Hughes (32.4 Seconds/4)

World Title Leader:  Shad Mayfield


Barrel Racing:

Round Winner: Hailey Kinsel (17.09 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Hailey Kinsel (68.99 Seconds/4)

World Title Leader: Hailey Kinsel


Bull Riding:

Round Winner: Ty Wallace (90.50)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Colten Fritzlan (261.00/3 of 4)

World Title Leader:  Ky Hamilton



  1. Stetson Wright   ($159,892)
  2. Tuf Cooper          ($121,450)

Top Gun Award:

  1. Ryder Wright            ($83,615.39)
  2. Hailey Kinsel            ($83,192.31)

As the rounds begin to dwindle, there is a lot of attention on the world title races this year as they are as close as they ever have been, allowing anything to happen at any given point throughout the ten days of action here in Texas!  Each night the PRCA will be putting out what the world title races look like at the conclusion of each round and we will be sharing that with you in the above graphic.  That being said, many times it takes a bit for them to get that together so we will add that in as soon as we receive it each night or the morning following the conclusion of each round.  This will be another fun way to interact in a very different year as we all enjoy the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo!

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