Talking about PBR World Finals 2015

Catching Up With Jason Hetland – The Podcast

Talking about PBR World Finals 2015
Mark Anthony catches up with‘s main man and professional rodeo announcer, Jason Hetland.  A chance to get his review of the past year as well as a peek and predictions for what we may see at the upcoming National Finals Rodeo and The Pro Bull Riders World Finals later this winter.

At the end of 2014, Jason said that 2015 would be a year of big changes and exciting growth opportunities for the PBR and for him personally.  Plus some big changes will happen to the PRCA in 2015.  How right he was right on all of them!

(Please See Editors Note at Bottom for an update)

Jason started the year off covering the second RFD-TV’s THE AMERICAN as well as The Iron Cowboy in Arlington texas. Two new events that are growing rapidly and changing the landscape of professional sports with their prize money and attendance. This year, Jason brought down some reinforcements.  His wife and his young daughter, to help cover the event!

From there, it was off to help a friend and an up and emerging country artist Dustin Craig.  His guitar riffs are what you hear on the beginning of all Jason’s videos as well as this podcast intro and outro.  Dustin has a booth at this year’s CMA Music Festival.  if you know Jason, you know he didn’t just hang with Dustin, he had to go out and say hello to anyone who has any connection to the world of country music, and that led to being on TV during the broadcasts as well as being backstage at the festival! It’s Jason and we like that about him.


PBR World Finals hits las Vegas October 21 to the 25. This year the PBR saw a change in ownership that brought better recognition to the talented team already running the organization.  We said goodbye to a legendary bull and saw some new talent emerging from the new BlueDEF Velocity Tour  that will change the face of the World Finals.

Changes at the PBR World Finals include moving the Fan Zone to the South Point Casino this year and moving the World Finals to a new arena in 2016.  So we say goodbye to the Thomas and Mack this year.

We have already been green-lighted to take our coverage up a notch, so expect to see more and expanded coverage of the World Finals. More interaction with the fans.  So Send in Your Questions and requests now!!  Who do you want to know more about? What questions do you have for the contestants??

With all the changes and the passing of the baton to the next generation of riders and stock contractors, the one event you do not want to miss at the PBR World Finals is the Hero’s and Legends event. An opportunity for the fans to truly mingle with the people who make the PBR such a great sport.

While in Vegas for the PBR, we may have a difficult time tracking Jason down during the down times. As he has warned us he will be fulfilling a tourist list item.. Cruising the Vegas Strip in a Mustang convertible!


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The PRCA vs the ERA

Where do we start with this mess of an organization called the PRCA?   Big changes happened this year as the Board of Directors continues to dig their heels in and protect the ego of the CEO, instead of focusing on the problems causing loyal members, long-time fans and supporters as well as contestants and event organizers to flee.

The Elite Rodeo Association (ERA)  was created out of the disappointment of the PRCA to work with the riders and event organizers.  The ERA is already shaping up to be THE place to see the top riders and legendary performers who once were the shining stars and cash cows of the PRCA.

With the new rules of the PRCA kicking in after the 2015 NFR and kicking out the top riders who have signed on to the ERA, many wonder if this will be the last time we get to see these guys and gals perform in Las Vegas??  Since most of the charter members of the ERA are also the top contestants heading into the 2015 NFR… This should make for some great NFR interviews!!

The Round-Up

We end the interview with just a quick round-up of what’s ahead for the Rodeo Round Up. The contests, future interview, the plans for covering the PBR World Finals and the NFR.  As well as asking for your input.  What do you want Jason to talk about?  Who should he interview and what are the burning questions he should be asking?   Let Us Know by contacting Jason here


Editors Note: 

  • This podcast was recorded early last week.  Days before PRCA’s CEO Karl Stressman decided to escalate his pissing contest with the founding members of the Elite Rodeo Association (ERA)
  • All the content in this post, its editorial commentary and opinions are that of its author and not of Jason Hetland himself!!
  • PBR Photo by Debbie D Anthony Photography 





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