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jason tex hetland rodeo announcerJason “Tex” Hetland
Pro Rodeo Announcer
Internet Personality

Jason is a familiar name and personality with the Rodeo Roundup as well as several other popular pro rodeo websites. Known for his quick wit and knowledge of the business making most interviews seem like a friendly conversation.



Jason Hetland has been in the rodeo business for over 10 years and specializes in high energy and crowd pleasing performances. He first started out as a bull rider in the ERCA (European Rodeo Cowboy Association) while serving in the United States Air Force in Germany.

After leaving the service Jason went through training to become a bullfighter and did “cowboy protection” for five (5) years all throughout the Midwest. After getting older and starting a family, he retired from competition but decided that he could not leave rodeo completely, so he decided to go to broadcasting school at Brown College in Minneapolis, MN.

Jason’s natural ability combined with the training he received allowed him to become one of the most sought after rodeo announcers in the Midwest. he also attended the prestigious “Rodeo Announcing Academy” presented by Sam Howry in Oklahoma City to further his skill and passion for the rodeo industry.

Since graduating from the academy seven (7) years ago, he has been extremely busy announcing rodeos all over the country. He had the honor of working the Circle C Rodeo out of Iowa, as well as announcing for numerous contractors and producers in the NFPB, BOA, URA, and IRA associations.  Jason Hetland will easily work with your entire team to make every event a memorable one for all of the loyal fans of rodeo as well.  His Midwest work ethic means he likes to arrive early and actually meet with the sponsors and promoters on a personal level to guarantee they feel as much a part of the event as the participants themselves.

On a personal note, Jason has a great family including his blushing bride and three beautiful daughters that love the rodeo lifestyle as much as he does. He has the pleasure of them traveling with him throughout the summer to experience all the excitement and high energy his crowd pleasing performances provide each and every time he steps into the arena. Hiring Jason Hetland guarantees a memorable and family fun experience for all!!

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