Jess Lockwood and the bulls

Jess Lockwood Claims Second PBR World Championship Title

We always end the PBR season saying “well, that was one for the books”.  This year was really one of those years that people will be talking about for the next few years!  The injuries, the new tours, the new players and of course, the young guns that made it to the top while many of the old familiar players sank out of sight or just never made it to the finals.

Reminding some of us of “the good old days” when the top bull riders in las Vegas for the World Finals had to have an escort to get into the celebrations because they were held in a place that served alcohol!

2019 PBR Champ Jess Lockwood

Jess Lockwood Does it Again

Not that it really matters what else happened this year at the 2019 PBR World Finals, the only thing most people will remember was that a young kid named Jess Lockwood came into T-Mobile Arena  full of piss n vinegar and walked away with the girl, a check for $1 million (World Champion) and a check for $300,000 (event winner).  Oh, yea, and a belt buckle naming him the new king of the PBR cowboys for the second time.  At 22, it makes him the youngest two-timer in the history of the sport.

Jess Lockwood and the bulls

Making it look easy

Maybe its time for jess Lockwood to have his own theme song. Maybe he can borrow one from another former young gun who seems to be out of service more than he is in service these days.. Umm… yea. A theme song for Jess.

His scores for the 5 ride events were  86.5, 91.5, 92, 91.75 and 91.25. Yes, he was the only rider to cover all his bulls.

Looking at his numbers, you knew he was here to ride and to win. Nothing more, nothing less. Ok, maybe also to kiss the girl in the middle of the area holding $1.3 million in checks… 

Jess Lockwood gets the girl   

He Gets The Girl Too!

Being a cowboy themed event, how else can a fairytale World Finals end without the cowboy riding off with the girl. In this case, its 2018 NFR Barrel Racing Champion and the newly married Miss Jess Lockwood. A.K.A Hailey Kinsel. Married on October 25, 2019


In Other World Final Highlights…. 

Robson Palermo PBR

Congratulations Robson Polermo

The Three-time World Finals event winner and native of Rio Branco, Brazil, came into the 2019 World Finals as an American Citizen! 

In the opening ceremonies of Round One, the Three-time World Finals event winner stood atop the Can-Am Cage holding the American flag, hat over his heart and emotion in his eyes. While waving the American Flag – Palermo received his citizenship just one week ago, on Oct. 31

Thank You Tom Donoghue for the photos!

Editors Note:

This post was written by Mark Anthony. Don’t blame Jason for any spelling errors or story content! 







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