Jason interviews Adriano Moraes (Video)

When you talk PBR World Finals, Legends and heroes of the sport, one name will automatically come up: Adriano Moraes.  Pro Bull Riding legend, founding member of the PBR and former World Champion Adriano Moraes is a one man PBR ambassador/marketing machine.

Adriano came over to us while we were taping at the 2012 PBR Heroes and Legends festivities.  A great guy and fun man to interview.  As always, he is humble about his status as a legend and as a three time World Champion. But always pushing the sport and its fans.

What Was Said:

Jason Hetland:  You know we speak about Hero’s and Legends Tour, we’ve had the great Cody Lambert but another guest stopping by the rodeo roundup, how about the one and only Adriano Moraes.  Thank you Adriano for joining us here this evening on rodeo roundup…

Adriano Moraes:  It’s my pleasure, it’s my pleasure

Jason:  Man this is such a great deal to be getting inducted into the Ring of Honor with Ross Coleman and Mike White.  You know all past world champs.  I was telling everybody on the show that past, present, future, their favorite PBR stars are here and you are one of them that everbody talks about.  Man it’s such an honor to be here.

Adriano:  Well it’s my pleasure and it’s always nice when we have this kind of stuff and inducting these two guys with us in this select group and which we are called “legends” laughing and those two guys they more than deserve it.  They are just some of the guys that make this sport what it is and for sure next year we are going to have some other great guys. And what’s good is you can come here and see these guys that we haven’t seen in the last 10-12 years.

Jason:  That’s awesome.  You know last year I ran into you, you were all kind of all over.  You are one of the fan favorites and it just means a lot and I want you to explain to the fans about what the interaction they can expect with their favorite riders here at the Heros and Legends something that’s a little newer to the PBR but it’s something that has taken off so much and so up close and personal with the extra time with your favorite superstars that people can’t get inside the arena at the Thomas and Mack?

Adriano:  Well that’s why we have these functions, it’s for the fans.  Without them we would ride for 1000 bucks but now we ride for over a million.  And you know thanks to those fans who support us all the way through it since 1992 when they decided to put this together and that’s why we have these fans so we can spend more time.  Right here it’s not just sign autographs, here we can talk, here we can hug each other and talk about the past and they ask us about the future and stuff like about the bull riding and we do this for you (looking at the camera), for all the fans and we welcome you and we want you to be here and exchange experiences with us and stories.

Jason:  That’s fantastic! You know we were talking about future and present, you are one of the founding members of the PBR.  Man you guys started this years ago with just a little bit of money out of your pocket and now look at what it’s turned into.

Adriano:  Yea, Yea, we could never have dreamed that this would be this big but imagine 10 years from now.  You know, so this is here to stay and its going to grow and we put the money in the pockets of those who need it, deserve it, which are our stock contractors, the personnel, and, of course, the riders.

Jason:  Definitely, and you know now that you are retiring from PBR what have you been up to?  A lot of people just really haven’t been finding out kind of what you’ve been up to since you retired.

Adriano:  Well, I’m farming a little bit and ranching a little bit.  That’s all I do and of course I’m doing a lot of activities with my boys, my boys are growing up and riding horses and doing some other activities, and just being busy.

Jason:  That’s fantastic and you know it’s so great to even see you still behind the bucking shoots and helping the Brazilians and everything else.  It’s such a family atmosphere back there.  It’s competitive but everybody wants the best for each other, doesn’t it?

Adriano:  Yea of course, there’s a major competition there between the riders and the bulls.  You know we help each other, we make sure that everybody is safe, and ultimately whoever rides the best bull is going to win.

Jason:  Definitely!  Ladies and Gentlemen Jason Hetland with rodeo roundup with world champ Adriano Moraes.






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