Update to the WNFR speculation

As so many folks are talking about the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo moving from Las Vegas after the 2014 season I hope folks take time to fully understand what is happening and what is not.

Here is a link to one of the most unbiased articles that I have seen thus far and explains everything that has happened so far and what is still on the table.  This article has points of view from both sides of the table and explains everything as good as it can be up to this point.

I credit both sides for answering questions for the same article so people can see what is actually going on between the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and Las Vegas Events.

Take time to read up on the situation before you cast judgement either way.  I understand that all of us will have our own opinions but we all need to be educated on what is actually happening before we cast our own judgements.


Feel free to follow up as I will post anything I might find useful in the future regarding this ongoing story line that is unfolding.



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