Dale Brisby at the NFR!

Dale Brisby at the 2014 NFR

Round 8 of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) was about to start.  I was out front talking with some friends and guess who happens to wander by??  None other than the man himself, Dale Brisby.  Bull rider, bad ass dude and friend to almost all!!  Famous for being himself….

The best way to describe him is to look at his facebook profile: “Dale Brisby is a legendary, bull ridin, gypsy soul.. When he ain’t spurrin fat bramer necks for big money checks he’s fixin radiators, huntin, or gettin chased by women! There’s only one time that matters to Dale Brisby, Rodeo Time.. On to the next one ol son. Pow pow!”

If you were here, you could have met him too!






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