Jason Meets Miss Western Wishes Francheska Bannan

Jason Hetland talks with Western Wishes WNFR Girl Francheska Bannen in the WNFR Media Room.  Jason Hetland and the Rodeo Round Up was fortunate and blessed to be part of the Western Wishes grant at the 2013 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Francheska Bannan got the VIP treatment for the three days her and her family were in town to take in the WNFR. Jason and Francheska created a special bond that will last a lifetime. I encourage you to check out this great organization and support the great things it does for people with terminal illnesses and adversities.


Jason:  Hi ladies and gentleman, Jason Hetland here, with the Rodeo Round-Up downstairs in the media room for the 2013 Wrangler’s National Finals Rodeo (“WNFR”) with my little girlfriend for the week.  Arn’t cha? huh?

This is the Western Wishes kid that we’ve been talking about all week long, Francheska.  Francheska, are you having fun?

Francheska:  Yes

J:  What’s been your favorite part of the week so far?

F:  Flying on the plane

J:  Flying on the plane? Now did you make a cowboy boyfriend while you’ve been here in Vegas?

F:  No

J:  I think you did cause I saw it with my own eyes.  Who’s your favorite cowboy?

F:  Cort Sheer

J:  Cort Sheer, that’s right.  And you know, what did Cort do?  You were Co-hosting Alexis’s show weren’t you?

F:  (nods head)

J:  And what did Cort do after the show?  What did you guys do together backstage?

F:  Ah, we played

J:  Oh wait, so you said you didn’t have a cowboy boyfriend here in Vegas but you had a play date with Cort Sheer?

F: (Blushing) No!

J:  No, so what did you do then just play with some toys?

F:  Yes

J:  Yea…  And when you went shopping yesterday from all the great sponsors who proudly support Western Wishes, what was your favorite thing that you got?

F:  Hmmm…the bear

J:  The bear with all the different outfits right?

F:  Yea

J:  Yea, and you’ve been hanging out with us a bit.  These people who get to watch this, they don’t even get the access that you get.  You’ve met so many superstars here in Las Vegas and you don’t know what that means to people.  So what, why are you a Western Wishes kid?  You’re a fighter right?

F:   Yea

J:  And what did you have?

F:  Cancer

J:  Yea, and how old are you?

F:  6

J:  And you’ve been cancer free for awhile now haven’t you?  You won the battle didn’t you?

F:  Yea

J:  And are we celebrating?

F:  (big smiles)  Yea

J:  Well ladies and gentleman, Jason Hetland here with the Rodeo Round-Up downstairs in the media room with your 2013 Wrangler’s National Finals Rodeo with the very beautiful and proud to call her “my biggest girlfriend”, Make a Wish and the Western Wishes, but you made a wish for the Western Wishes and it came true didn’t it?

F:  Yea

J:  Was your wish to come here?

F: Yea

J:  Alright.  Western Wishes.  Great job Donna Lynn. Donna, thank you so much!   On behalf of Francheska, this is Jason Hetland with the Rodeo Round-Up



Mission of Western Wishes

Dedicated to children and young adults faced with adversity who live and appreciate the western way of life. Western Wishes celebrates the courage, spirit, and determination of these individuals by granting wishes and highlighting accomplishments.

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