World Team Roping Champion Suffers Major Health Scare!….

allen bach

World Champion Heeler Allen Bach

Photo Credit: Brenda Allen

One week ago 4-time World Champion team roping heeler Allen Bach suffered a major medical scare that turned into something much worse.  This 58-year-old cowboy is no stranger to the western way of life outside of the rodeo arena as well and that passion caused his medical emergency to turn into something much bigger than it already was.  Bach suffered a major stroke just over a week ago on November 11th while doing exactly what he loves to do, being a rancher and a cowboy.

While hauling some horses the 30-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier suffered a major stroke which caused him to crash his truck and trailer he was driving at the time head on into a tree.  Fortunately, Bach nor the horses he was hauling were seriously injured in the accident.  Although there were no serious injuries he was still taken by medical helicopter from the scene to Harris Methodist Hospital in Ft. Worth, Texas for further evaluation and treatment.  Upon further evaluation doctors determined that Bach did in fact have a blood clot in his brain and immediately put him on blood thinners which reduced the clot to a manageable size.  Doctors expect him to make a full recovery in the near future.

Allen Bach (1)

Allen Bach

Photo Credit: PRCA

Good news came down the pipeline regarding the condition of Allen Bach from his daughter April Bach Patterson.  She explained his progress by saying, “He’s getting stronger each day, and he’s able to talk great.”  That was fantastic news to hear since it was such a grave situation for this World Champion cowboy.  She went on to talk about his treatment plan and spirits within the hospital stating, “He’s supposed to be out of the hospital Nov. 17, and he’s already talking about how long until he can ride horses again. The doctor told him it will be awhile until he can ride, and he gave the doctor a death stare.”

We have not heard any updates as to if he was actually released on the 17th but as soon all of us here at the Rodeo Round Up find any updated information out we will pass it on to you in a timely manner.  The good news is that he is actually responding to doctor, family and friends and remembers who they are.  If any of you know Allen you know it is a good thing when he is actually acting like that towards the medical staff when they tell him he can not ride horses.  We hope that he makes a complete recovery very soon and will keep you all updated as to the status of Allen Bach!

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