What Changes Are Happening For The Wrangler Champions Challenges In 2016?

time for change

Now that the 2016 Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s 2016 rodeo season is upon us things will start picking up as we move closer to the spring and summer months.  One of the first major shifts in seasons will take place February 3rd in Rapid City, South Dakota as the first stop of the 2015 Justin Boots Wrangler Champions Challenge takes place as part of the Blach Hills Stock Show and Rodeo week.  There will be some changes that some of you may notice as well as some that will not be at the forefront as coverage airs on CBS Sports Network.

Challenge of champions

This year, the third year in existance, the Justin Boots Wrangler Champions Challenge Tour will consist of eleven total teams which will consist of four “rotational teams”.  This is a major difference that the past two years as the “draft teams” will be partially filled with drafts as well as “rotational” contestants.  If this sounds confusing, you are not the only one to think that so we will try and break it down into terms that everyone can understand.

The 2016 Sponsor Teams will include those of:  Wrangler, Justin Boots, B&W Trailer Hitches, RAM, Coors Banquet, Experience Kissimmee, Las Vegas, and ProRodeo Gear.  These above teams have already drafted their rosters during the draft that was held on Friday January, 15th.  The prize money will be paid out as $16,00 per event making it one of the highest one-go PRCA rodeos of the season.

Challenge of champions pt2

Below we will try and make sense of all this madness by breaking each difference from years past in separate bullet points so you can figure them out for yourselves one by one!  We will make things as simple as possible so things are easier for you to understand before the first tour stop airs on February 14th!

Take a look at the bullet points for yourselves as they are placed below:

  • Each Sponsor team will draft two (2) franchise contestants from any separate events they choose and also randomly draw two additional event contestants, giving them a total of four drafted contestants.
  • These four contestants will participate in all 2016 Champions Challenge events for the team that drafted them.
  • The remaining three contestant positions will be filled by each team, prior to Rotational Team selections
  • These rotational team members will be based upon the remaining top eligible 2016 PRCA and/or WPRA World Standings 30 days prior to each Champions Challenge rodeo.
  • For only the Rapid City and Scottsdale Champions Challenges, these contestant positions will be based upon year-end 2015 PRCA and/or WPRA World Standings.
  • The four Rotational Teams will have all contestant positions filled by the next highest unselected eligible contestants in the PRCA and/or WPRA 2016 World Standings 30 days prior to each Champions Challenge rodeo. 

We sincerely hope that this helps define exactly what will be different as the first Justin Boots Wrangler Champions Challenge event gets underway in just under two weeks time.  It will be interesting to see how these “rotational teams” will affect the events themselves as they make their way across the country on a nine stop tour throughout the 2016 season.  We will continue to monitor the happenings and report on any interesting or breaking news that may come out of these events!

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