Well Respected PBR Stock Contractor Hurt In Horse Riding Accident


Early reports are coming into the Rodeo Round Up team that a legend in the stock contracting business has been hurt in a horse riding accident near his home.  Prayers and messages of concern have been pouring in all day long via email messages, twitter comments, facebook messages and numerous other ways letting all those involved what the meaning of having a rodeo family is all about once again just as we do with any tragedy that presents itself to one of our own.


Information has been circulating around many western lifestyle media outlets this morning concerning the status of stock contractor Julio Moreno.  Early reports say that Moreno was seriously injured in a horseback riding accident near Modesto, California.  The Rodeo Round Up has not been able to confirm the status of Moreno or the extent of his injuries as of this posting but have learned that surgery has been slotted for some time today to repair the injuries sustained.  We know that everyone is concerned for Julio Moreno and his entire family but the Rodeo Round Up will only report on what is fact and refuses to start any rumors as to what the status is.  As we find out more information and updates from reliable sources we will make sure that each and every one of you know that information as well.


Here is an update of Julio Moreno‘s condition from Kindra …. we now know what exactly happened and the extent of the damage. Continue to keep them all in your thoughts and prayers…

Hello All,

As some of you might already know (and for those who do not), Julio was in a horse wreck yesterday afternoon as we were finishing up the day of working cows. His horse flipped with him (it was a freak deal and nothing intentional on the horses part). Julio ended up fracturing his neck in multiple locations. — They took him to surgery last night around 10:30 PM and he was out of surgery at 6:30 AM. I just spoke with the surgeon and he is happy with the way the surgery turned out. Julio has been transported to ICU and I will see him after 8 AM.

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and prayers. We appreciate them more than we can ever say. We are on a long road to recovery, but we all know how tough Julio is!

I’ll keep you all posted as I know more.



Julio Moreno of Oakdale, California is best known for being the owner and stock contractor of the multi-time World Champion Bucking Bull, Bushwacker.  Along with all of the glory of being one of the top stock contractors in the elite world of the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series Moreno continues to produce top ranked bucking bulls to follow in Bushwacker’s footsteps.  This weekend was the first bye weekend in the Built Ford Tough Series season and the legendary contractor was finally enjoying some quality time off when the accident happened.  The Rodeo Round Up team will continue to receive updates and provide all of you with the information we receive once we have gotten the okay to do so.

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