This Week The Rodeo Round Up: Unplugged Welcomes 2013 PBR J.B. Mauney To The Show (Podcast 4)

jb mauney

2103 PBR World Champion J.B. Mauney

This week Jason had the pleasure of sitting down and catching up with the 2013 Professional Bull Riders World Champion J.B. Mauney on the Rodeo Round Up: Unplugged.  We had posted a feeler for our fans of the Rodeo Round Up a couple of weeks ago to get some ideas on who you all would like to hear from on future episodes.  Overwhelmingly, we received messages about the chance to learn more about this bull riding champion and Jason contacted him to see if he would be so kind to pull back the curtains for our loyal fans and he responded with an enthusiastic YES!  In this Rodeo Round Up: Unplugged edition we learn about the personal side of J.B. Mauney and talk about everyday life with his family at home as well as all things involved with being a world champion bull rider!

As all of J.B.’s loyal fans know, this world champ has had his run of bad luck and untimely injuries this season.  Jason brings up all the ups and downs that Mauney has faced this year and what that will do to a person’s confidence throughout the rest of the season.  The last injury this year that  Mauney sustained was in Nashville, which in turn, caused him to pull out of the next event in Springfield, Missouri and there are still many questions to be answered as to how bad it is.  While being 13th in the world standings, just under 3000 points behind, after the Springfield, Missouri Built Ford Tough Event he still has his eyes set on a second consecutive World Championship title.  How bad is his current injury and how long will his fans not be able to see him in action?  This is just one of the many things that will be answered by listening to this week’s Rodeo Round Up: Unplugged Podcast!

Jason digs in deep to see what kind of mind frame J.B. is in after another injury that has caused him to miss action on the Built Ford Tough Series.  How does J.B. Mauney cope with different injuries throughout the season?  How does this world champion rehab to be able to get back to competition?  When can his fans expect to see him back?  How does he think this will affect his chances to obtain another world championship?  All these are questions that our loyal listeners have turned in and Jason gets all of your questions answered this week.  It is very interesting and inspiring to hear his answers to all of your questions that you submitted through the Rodeo Round Up’s facebook page!

jb mauney and wife lexie

Even with all the injuries and missed competitions J.B. says that he is still enjoying his time away from the PBR by spending some much needed time at home with is wonderful family.  Getting to spend time with them and doing things that “normal” families do mean the world to this champion and we spend some time talking about life away from the PBR as well this week on the Rodeo Round Up: Unplugged.  We find out what some of his “chores” are around the house while he is at home as well as what J.B. Mauney does to pass the time, not only each week in between events, but while he is rehabbing his injuries at home.  I think that you will be quite surprised as all the things this man does for his wife and daughter to make them feel special each and every day, whether he is at home or not.  J.B. also lets us know what kind of hobbies he has and what keeps him busy with family life at home as well.  You will have to listen to the podcast to hear his candid responses to your burning questions and find out why he loves Pinterest so much!


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