Updated Statements Regarding Latte From both Parties


Latte is in the middle of a nasty dispute

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Today we are finally seeing statements from both sides of the issue regarding Latte.  I have not been able to get Cheri Cogburn to give me a statement but she did take to social media today to make one.  Below you can see that there is a lot of friction between the two sides and I don’t see it getting resolved outside of the court system.

Obviously there are two sides to every story and I just hope that whatever happens and what ever the outcome is that it is the best thing for Latte as he is the one that is stuck in the middle here.  You can stay up to date with everything regarding this issue right here on The Rodeo Round Up.  As I receive any new information or statements I will publish them as soon as I get the okay to do so.

Cheri Cogburn just made a statement on her post regarding the issues surrounding Latte and in response to Mary’s post.  She stated, “I want to respond to Mary Walker’s post about the settlement offer.  She states the offer was only for the 10% ownership.  That is not a true statement.  There are other monies owed that I am suing for.  I tried to settle and walk away, but unfortunately that will not happen.  I just wanted to clarify the situation. Thanks.”  This was taken directly from her facebook page which you can see here.

As you can clearly see there are two sides to this story and unless they can work together Latte will be sold at auction on March 28th, 2014.  All of us hope that is not the case but there seems to be many differences and opinions that need to be worked out for that to happen.  The Rodeo Round Up will continue to try get a statement from Cheri but until then I can only report on what I can get off of their Facebook pages.

Mary Walker then posted another status update on her page saying, “Ok be clear Cheri is forcing sale.  There is 2 hearing, jury trials pending.  She also just filed a TRO not to move him, she wants me off of Latte at Houston.  He can’t run at Houston anyway.  He had to be treated and limits would not pass testing limits Get a life”.  As you can see there are some strong feelings from both parties and this looks like it will have to be finalized in court.  We hope nothing but the best for Latte as he is the one that is put in the middle of this disagreement and I hope everyone just as I do only wish the best for him whatever the outcome may be!






4 responses to “Updated Statements Regarding Latte From both Parties”

  1. Keeepinitreal Avatar

    Everyone, much like myself, is kind of nosy about what happened, but the reality is Cheri should remain silent and take the high road – it’s pretty low class to take legal or personal grievances public – especially on social media – this was the private business between 3 people, one party felt the need to appeal to the court of public opinion – classless move

  2. jeremy salamandyk Avatar
    jeremy salamandyk

    Karma is gonna come back and bite Cheri in the ass.

  3. Merlue Davies Avatar
    Merlue Davies

    All the facts should have been put on the table before so many began making comments or taking sides. There has to be some defaults on the contract. This Cinderella story is not so good. Mary and Latte, no doubt, are an amazing, winning team. But there are alot of legalities, it appears. It will take some time to be resolved. Hope for a Happy Ending for all involved, and that includes Latte.

  4. Telling the truth Avatar
    Telling the truth

    Ok so did anyone see the statement “The winnings were to be shared” and Mary did not give any to Cheri Sounds like to me tha little Ms Perfect Mary is not so perfect. Just saying.

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