Tulsa Kicks Off The Second Half Of The Built Ford Tough Series Season In Grand Fashion

Last night kicked off the second half of the Professional Bull Riders’ Built Ford Tough Season here in Tulsa and it proved to be just what we all have been waiting all summer long to see.  Although a fan favorite, J.B. Mauney, is injured and out for the remainder of the season what we saw last night quickly took our minds off of those athletes we were missing when the action began inside of the BOK Center just twenty-four hours ago.  The excitement was at an all-time high after a huge night of qualified rides, thirteen to be exact!

Young gun Jess Lockwood stole the show on Saturday night and came into this afternoon’s final rounds full of confidence and energy looking to secure the first event win of the second half of the season.  Many of the top 35 bull riders here this weekend talked about being refreshed and ready to go after shaking the cobwebs off last night as they looked ahead to what lied before them here in round two and the championship round to follow.  Everyone was looking for a repeat performance of what they witnessed less than 24-hours ago!

Eduardo Aparecido Claims Victory In Round Two

Photo Credit: Jeana Wilson-Kilcrease / Rokin’ K Photography

As the anticipation built inside of the BOK Center the feeling in the air was that of exactly what a Championship Sunday Showdown should feel like.  As the music began to rise and the lights shined bright, it was time for the final two rounds of competition here in Tulsa. Oklahoma.  Once things began it was made very clear from the beginning that the cowboys came to play and would give their bovine opponents everything that they had as championship round spots were still largely up for grabs.

Once things began it would be the top 35 bull riders in the world that would prove they deserved to be exactly where they are with 17 rides, four more than the night prior.  Although a number of rides were higher than normal the bull power did not lack as many would expect after a long summer break.  A majority of the bull scores were above the 42 point mark which gave the fans watching some huge numbers up on the board.  That being said, no one could match the ride that Eduardo Aparecido put up atop Shownuff, a new addition to the bucking bull clan on the Built Ford Tough Series.

Complete Break-Down Of Round One Qualified Rides Posted Below:

Eduardo Aparecido (87.75)                                    Cody Nance (87.25)

Chase Outlaw (87.00)                                             Cooper Davis (86.75)

Fabiano Vieira (86.75)                                            Matt Triplett (85.75)

Luciano De Castro (85.50)                                     Stetson Lawrence (85.25)

Jess Lockwood (85.25)                                           Cody Rodeo Tyler (85.00)

Ryan Dirteater (85.00)                                           Troy Wilkinson (84.75)

Dakota Buttar (84.00)                                            Mason Lowe (84.00)

Cody Teel (83.25)                                                     Joao Ricardo Vieira (80.75)

Shane Proctor (73.00)

Chase Outlaw Outlasts All Others In The Championship Round

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

When it comes time for the Championship Round at any Built Ford Tough Series event everyone expects to see the bucking bulls take center stage and outshine the fifteen cowboys that are matched up against them.  This week here in Tulsa was a different story, just as it was in the first two qualifying rounds.  Once the championship draw was done the selections that these bull riders made down on the arena floor raised a few eyebrows and started the frenzy of questions and speculation.  All that was put to sleep though as soon as the championship round began down on the dirt.

Unlike other championship rounds that we can think of these fifteen cowboys came in with unwavering determination and it showed as the rides came at a rapid pace.  Throughout the fifteen attempts Sunday afternoon, the best bull riders in the world would come out on to eight of those times.  Even with all the qualified rides in the championship round it would be non-other than Chase Outlaw who would make a statement towards his own world champion run with a round win aboard Air Marshall for 89.75 points and the 100 world title points that would go along with it!

Jess Lockwood Celebrates His Event Win Here In Tulsa

Photo Credit: Jeana Wilson-Kilcrease / Rokin’ K Photography

Once the dust settled on the arena floor and the confetti covered the ground it was time to introduce everyone to the winner of the event here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This first stop on the Built Ford Tough Series after a long summer break was crucial for several of these cowboys that were wanting to make a serious push towards the top and a world championship title.  That being said, several of those took full advantage of many top ten riders not having the greatest of weekends.

One of those cowboys has been taking the Built Ford Tough Series by storm ever since his first appearance on tour just a short time ago.  Missouri cowboy Jess Lockwood came into this weekend’s event sitting in the number four spot looking to climb up that ladder.  After a dominating performance where he would take home the event win, over $37,000 and 560 world title points he would move up to the number three spot in the world.  Lockwood would go an astounding 3-for-3 for 262 points beating Ryan Dirteater for the win by a mere two-point difference!

After an event as huge for the cowboy’s confidence as this one here in Tulsa, things ought to shape up quite nicely as we head to Nashville, Tennessee for the last PBR Built Ford Tough Series major of the season.  Next weekend will bring energetic performances as each and every one of those contestants making their way there know exactly what a major win can do for their chances at making it to the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series World Finals this coming November in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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