The World Title Race Becomes Much More Clear

Over the first two nights of action at the 2020 PBR World Finals, the impressiveness of both the top bull riders in the world as well as the bovine athletes themselves has been out of this world.  In a year that has been anything but ordinary one thing remained the same, all those involved with the Professional Bull Riders organization continue to outshine and outlast anything that is placed before them.  Although many things are limited due to the COVID crisis, the event here in Texas as a whole has been the best that it could be considering the circumstances that have been placed in front of all of us in attendance.

Unfortunately, for a few, their mark on this historic World Finals had to come to an early end which made the world title race much more manageable for the current world number one to maintain.  Jose Vitor Leme has put up two solid rides that left him in seventh overall in the event average but that would all but secure his 2020 world title after several other riders tested positive for COVID and could not compete.  The most notable name was world number two Joao Ricardo Vieira who came across the scoreboard last night inside AT&T Stadium to thank his fans and to wish all the other riders good luck this week, a really classy and emotional move from an outstanding bull rider and human being.

Jose Vitor Leme Earns The Win In Round Three

Photo Credit: official_monson_photography

Throughout the first two nights of action here at the 2020 PBR World Finals, the action has been packed full of excitement as many of the races have begun to take shape with some interesting jockeying happening along the way.  One of those races would be the world championship race in which Jose Vitor Leme has all but already claimed over the first three nights.  The world champion bucking bull, rookie of the year, event average champion, and stock contractor of the year titles are also beginning to look a lot more clear but still have some things that can happen along the way.

While all eyes may be on the gold buckle races, there is still over $30,000 to be one for taking round wins each night here in Arlington, Texas and the top bull riders in the world understand that completely.  Tonight, many of them came in banged up and bruised from a tough first two rounds but still gave their all over the course of the third performance that ended up giving us another 14 qualified rides to cheer about.  That being said. tonight Jose Vitor Leme would take the spotlight after putting up a whopping 95.75 point ride atop Barker Bulls’ LLC Woopaa to earn the round three win and his first PBR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE at the 2020 PBR World Finals.

Boudreaux Campbell Rides His Bull In Round Three

Photo Credit: official_monson_photography

We stated just a bit earlier in this story that many races were still up for grabs and one of which all of us here at the Rodeo Round Up have not been able to talk about much over the first two nights.  Tonight, we want to turn our attention to the Rookie of the Year race that is beginning to look like something to keep an eye on until the very bitter end of Championship Sunday tomorrow afternoon.  This is always a fun race to keep an eye on as it is usually one of the more highly contested races that we get to watch over the final weekend of the PBR season.

This year, coming into the PBR World Finals, there would still be ten bull riders that would still have had a chance to win the Rookie of the Year title which is an astonishing number if you think about it.  Eleven riders are making their PBR World Finals debuts with Cole Melancon leading that charge, barely in front of Alex Cerqueira who trailed Cole just barely.  Cerqueira would post up a score last night in round two last night which, in turn, would tighten up this race that will be decided tomorrow afternoon at the conclusion of the 2020 PBR World Finals.

2020 Rookie of the Year Standings:

Cole Menancon – 347 Points

Alex Cerqueira – 302 Points

Boudreaux Campbell – 250.66 Points

Complete List Of Qualified Rides Made In Round Three:

Jose Vitor Leme (95.75) **CLINCHED WORLD TITLE**

Ryan Dirteater (91.00)

Derek Kolbaba (90.75)

Kyler Oliver (90.00)

Boudreaux Campbell (90.00)

Keyshawn Whitehorse (90.00)

J.B. Mauney (89.75)

Taylor Toves (89.00)

Ezekiel Mitchell (89.00)

Cody Teel (88.50)

Cooper Davis (87.75)

Dalton Kasel (87.50)

Kaique Pacheco (84.50)

Marco Eguchi (83.25)

As the rounds begin to dwindle, especially for the 2020 season, it is more and more important to earn as much money as you can since the PBR World Finals format looks a little different this year.  Moving from five nights to four and six rounds to five, the chances are not as great for these bull riders to take home a pocketful of cash at the end of the weekend.  Below we here at the Rodeo Round Up will continue to break down what the event average looks like so the picture may be a little more clear for all of you headed into tomorrow afternoon’s Championship Sunday performance.

World Finals Event Average Recap

Jose Vitor Leme (266.50) **CLINCHED WORLD TITLE**

Boudreaux Campbell (267.25)

Cody Teel (264.25)

Kaique Pacheco (255.75)

Derek Kolbaba (183.50)

Keyshawn Whitehorse (181.00)

Eduardo Aparecido (180.50)

Ryan Dirteater (179.25)

Tye Chandler (178.00)

Silvano Alves (172.50)

Marco Eguchi (172.00)

Cooper Davis (170.50)

Luciano De Castro (169.25)

Kyler Oliver (90.00)

J.B. Mauney (89.75)

Mason Taylor (89.25)

Ezekiel Mitchell (89.00)

Alex Cerqueira (89.00)

Dakota Louis (89.00)

Taylor Toves (89.00)

Brock Radford (89.00)

Cole Melancon (88.75)

Dalton Kasel (87.50)

Alex Cardozo (87.50)

Daylon Swearingen (88.50)

Brennon Eldred (83.75)

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