The Verizon Center Dims The Lights On The PBR In Little Rock, Arkansas

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After an exciting round one performance Saturday night the amount of energy inside of the Verizon Arena earlier today was unreal as Championship Sunday began.  As action began yesterday there were many changes to the contestant line-up that would make room for some of those outside of the top 35 in the world standings to make huge moves this weekend here in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Although that would be a great possibility the stock contractors and their bovine athletes would not make it easy throughout the three rounds of competition.

One of those late injury outs would be that of fan favorite the dancing Australian Ben Jones.  Last week in Sioux Falls Jones was injured as he was dragged on the side of his bull ultimately separating his shoulder.  Many wondered how long this injury would sideline Ben Jones and before the start of today’s performances we got the devastating news.  Jones will be out until at least October after undergoing shoulder surgery, thus, almost guaranteeing that the loyal PBR fans will not see him in Las Vegas for the 2016 PBR World Finals.

Jess Lockwood Rd 2

Jess Lockwood Takes Home Round Three Win In Little Rock

Photo Credit:  Bull Stock Media / Andy Watson

As the sold out crowds began to file in and the seats began to fill the anticipation of what was about to happen was felt throughout the arena.  When the action began earlier this afternoon the fifteen spots that would fill the Championship Round were still wide open which gave every contestant here this weekend a great shot at qualifying to ride for the event title.  The fans were on the edge of their seats from the opening ceremonies all the way through the last bull ride of the Championship Round earlier today!

As the second round of the Stanley Performance In Action Invitational concluded the top 15 combined scores of the weekend were invited back to compete in the Championship Round.  Tonight the Verizon Arena sold out once again as the top 35 bull riders in the world tried to earn a round win and advance further along in this weekend’s competition.  Tonight a total of 7 riders would be able to make the buzzer but there was one that nobody could beat.  18 year-old young gun Jess Lockwood earned the top score of the round and the 100 championship points that went along with it after earning a 86 point score aboard K-C/Josie McElroy Bucking Bulls’ Shoot Out The Lights!


Complete Round Two Qualified Ride Listing:

                                                 Jess Lockwood (86.00)                                         Cooper Davis (85.75)

                                             Ryan Dirteater (85.75)                                          Mike Lee (83.75)

                                             Fabiano Vieira (83.00)                                         Silvano Alves (82.50)

                                                                                             Josh Faircloth (81.00)

Ryan Dirteater Champ Round

Ryan Dirteater Wins Championship Round In Little Rock

Photo Credit:  Bull Stock Media / Andy Watson

In this weekend’s championship round the top 15 bull riders from the past two rounds would match up to compete for the event title itself.  Along with the title would be a huge amount of some much needed world standings points to go along with it, 400 to be exact.  Today it would be 2 bull riders that would managed to tame their counterparts for the required eight seconds to earn a score in the championship round.  That being said, no one could fair any better than the Cherokee Kid, Ryan Dirteater, who would go on to win the round and the 100 points with an 86.50 point ride aboard Jeff Robinson/TNT Bucking Bulls’ I’m A Gangster Too.

After everything was all said and done many exciting things happened in Little Rock for the first time that the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series would make a stop here since 2003!  As the event drew to a close there would be only one that would make the trip across the arena dirt and join the in arena announcers atop of the shark cage for the champion interview.  This weekend that lucky man would be non other than the man who also won the Championship Round, Ryan Dirteater, who would go a staggering 3 for 3 to earn a total of 256.25 points and be crowned champion of the Stanley Performance In Action Invitational!

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Next week we look forward to heading to the hometown of the exclusive PBR Entertainer Flint Rassmussen as we head back out west to Billings, Montana.  Each year the PBR makes the trek to the Big Sky state it is always a little extra special for everyone involved.  The energy level is turned up a few extra notches and the party on the dirt is non-stop for three days as we invade the Rimrock Arena for the Stanley Performance In Action Invitational and the sixth 15/15 Bucking Battle of the 2016 season!

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