The PBR’s Sacramento Clash Comes To A Close For The 2017 BFTS Season

Follow the first two night’s of action where the fans inside of the brand new Golden 1 Arena saw some of the best bull riding action, including the second 15/15 Bucking Battle of the 2017 season, Championship Sunday is upon us!  This weekend has not only been full of great action but some wild and rare circumstances that are barely seen on the elite Built Ford Tough Series, as the first round was delayed with a complete sound system failure to welcome us to this new arena!  After that mishap things went off very smoothly and brought us to today’s final two rounds here in Sacramento!

By the time things are all said and done here today the champion of the 2017 Frontier Communications Sacramento Clash will have ridden at least four bulls, possibly five, on their way to the event win.  Next weekend we must look ahead as the first cut looms in the distance and those on the outside looking in give their best to be able to stay on tour.  This weekend there were 10 alternates and invitees that competed to earn enough points to stay on tour and by the end of today, we will know where they stand as we head into Anaheim, California, the last event before the first cut of the season!

Chase Outlaw Claims Victory In Round Three

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

The top 35 bull riders in the world that are part of the elite Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series tour always look forward to making their way to the west coast each and every year but know that the bull power in front of them will be tremendous.  Over the last two nights, we have seen some amazing rides as well as some much-anticipated returns of some fan favorites that did not disappoint the sold-out crowds inside of the beautiful state-of-the-art Golden 1 Arena.

Tonight’s third round would not be any different as these same cowboys came to show the bovine talent that they deserve to be on tour.  In round three the heat was turned up as everyone knew they needed to ride in order to earn a spot in the championship round where the top 15 bull riders of the event would compete for the event championship.  Tonight 11 of those 35 would earn a qualified ride but no one could match the effort that Chase Outlaw brought against Dakota Rodeo/Chad Berger/J.R. Scott’s Thunderstruck for the round win and an 87 point bull ride!

Complete List Of Round Three Qualified Rides Listed Below:

                                                Chase Outlaw (87.00)                              Eduardo Aparecido (86.75)

                                                Luciano de Castro (86.25)                      Mike Lee (86.25)

                                                Shane Proctor (85.75)                             Luis Blanco (85.00)

                                               Matt Triplett (84.75)                                Keyshawn Whitehorse (84.25)

                                               Justin Paton (83.50)                                J.B. Mauney (80.00)

                                                                                  Jess Lockwood (76.00)

Jess Lockwood Wows The Sold Out Crowd In The Championship Round

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

After the three qualifying rounds were concluded it was time to put pencils to paper and determine who would be those contestants that were invited back to the championship round earlier this afternoon.  As the first cut of the season continues to inch closer, after next weekend’s event in Anaheim, many of the alternate and invited contestants are making the most of the opportunity and will likely remain on tour following their performances here this weekend.

That being said, tonight those fifteen contestants fought tooth and nail and battled the bovine power that was on display down on the arena floor here this afternoon.  Amazingly enough, once things settled down and the last bull bucked there were 6 of those 15 here today that would manage to earn qualified rides and gain some huge world title race points.  Today the man that would come out on top in the championship round would be non-other than world number one, Jess Lockwood, who would spur to a 90 point ride aboard Dakota Rodeo/Chad Berger/Clay Struve/H&C Bucking Bulls’ BC Circular Insanity for the round win here this afternoon!

Jess Lockwood Celebrates His Sacramento Clash Event Win

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

After a hard fought event here in Sacramento it was time for it all to come to an end as we say our good-byes to one of the most loved set of fans that we see on the Built Ford Tough Series tour and to an arena that we hope to visit for many years in the future!  Before we could pack up and head to Anaheim there was one thing that was on everyone’s minds as they sat on the edge of their seats, refusing to leave a minute too early, and that was to crown the 2017 Frontier Communications Sacramento Clash event champion!

The long and grueling weekend for these top 35 bull riders in the world came to a close as the arena was full of excitement and anticipation for the event championship presentation waiting to take place atop the shark cage in the center of the arena.  Throughout four rounds there would be one man that would prove he could outlast the others to take home the event win here this afternoon.  That man would be the one and only Jess Lockwood who would go an astounding 4-for-4 and a total of 340 points heading into Anaheim loving the 2017 west coast swing that has started here in Sacramento!

As we all look forward to the return of the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series season stop in Anaheim, California, it is full of nervous energy for the top 35 bull riders in the world.  As each and every one of us know, there are cuts that are made throughout the season and the first one of 2017 will take place following the conclusion of the event next weekend.  That being said, the alternates and those on the bottom of the standings are going to be giving all that they have in order to stay on the elite tour going forward!

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