The PBR World Title Race Tightens Up In Austin, Texas

After a great night of action less than 24-hours ago the sights are set on what the world standings in the world title race would look like with just five events remaining in the 2017 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series season.  The top 35 bull riders in the world are trying to get themselves in position for a chance to have a legitimate shot at competing for the 2017 PBR World Championship title this coming November in Las Vegas as the PBR World Finals will round out the season in grand fashion.  Last night saw a few of those in contention maintaining focus and start getting on a hot streak at exactly the right time of the season pending that they can stay healthy over the next five events while others struggle to maintain their position within the top 35 in the world to guarantee themselves a spot in Las Vegas.

That being said, last night there were nine qualified rides, two of which were Cooper Davis and Jess Lockwood who are sitting in the number three and four spots in the world standings.  This was important because world number one Kaique Pacheco bucked off while world number two Eduardo Aparecido only managed 77.50 points and ultimately turned down one of the most important re-rides of his 2017 season.  This decision could have a major impact as the 2017 Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic comes to a close here this afternoon.  It will be interesting to see how this single decision will affect what the world standings leader board looks like following the event here in Austin, Texas!

Nathan Burtenshaw Claims Victory In Round Two

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Last night things began turning around for the top 35 bull riders in the world as nine would make the much-elusive eight second buzzer to carry over a score into today’s second round of action inside of the Frank Erwin Center.  Once the draw was released for today’s round the talk of the town was that many of the same bulls from round one would be bucking out again in round two, systematically, giving the cowboys the upper hand if you look at the statistics on paper.  That being said, by all accounts, things have not gone as planned over the last couple of weeks but the cowboys in the locker room looked to change that.  Once again, we will see some new faces and names that are competing here today as they try to earn enough world title race points to remain on tour late in the season.  Along with these new faces will, once again, be some new bovine athletes looking to impress Cody Lambert enough to be invited back for future events as the 2017 season draws to a close.

Once the latches began to crack down on the arena floor the excitement of Championship Sunday was in full swing as the sold-out crowd cheered for their favorite bull riders and bucking bulls as they matched up for another epic round of bull riding action.  It was clearly evident that many of the top riders were riding sore while nursing injuries from the tough events they have had to go through prior to coming here to Austin, Texas.  When things were all said and done there would be a total of 13 of the top 35 bull riders in the world that would manage to earn a qualified ride with eight of those being their first score of the weekend.  That said, no one could put up the score that Nathan Burtenshaw did aboard Chad Berger/Julie Rosen/Clay Struve/Silent Seven’s South Texas Gangster to earn a round win with an electrifying 87.50 point ride sending him into the championship round moment later.

Complete List Of Round Two Qualified Rides:

                                                                                                                   Nathan Burtenshaw (87.50)                                 Cooper Davis (86.75)

Jordan Hansen (86.00)                                        Eduardo Aparecido (85.75)

Claudio Montanha Jr (85.50)                               Cody Rodeo Tyler (85.25)

Emilio Resende (85.00)                                       Kaique Pacheco (84.00)

Jess Lockwood (84.00)                                        Troy Wilkinson (83.50)

Silvano Alves (83.25)                                            Dakota Buttar (82.35)

Marco Eguchi (82.00)

Jess Lockwood Takes Home The Championship Round Win In Austin

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Once the first two qualifying rounds of action were concluded it was time for folks to put pen to paper and determine who would be invited back to participate in the Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic Championship Round.  For the first time in three weeks we would be able to fill all fifteen open spots available to the contestants.  Over the last two weeks we have had to draw one rider back on time, which has not happened in recent memory along with only ten advancing to the championship round last weekend.  Heading into today’s final round it looks as if the train is beginning to right the track as the top bull riders in the world regain their swagger they have been trying to find at exactly the right time for it to happen as we make the last push towards the final five events of the 2017 Built Ford Tough Series season!

Focusing on today’s championship round, the match-ups that were selected raised a few eyebrows and showed the confidence that some had while others seemed to be less than pleased as to what they had left to choose from.  All in all, I could see about half of those in the championship round riding for a qualified ride if all fifteen of these guys came into the round with clear heads and willing to put out 110%.  After all was said and done, there would in fact be three of those fifteen that would do exactly that but no one could match the effort or bull power that the team of Jess Lockwood and Dakota Rodeo/Chad Berger/Clay Struve ‘s More Big Bucks had as they combined for a huge 90 point bull ride with a 44 point bull score to go along with it.  As we head east to New York next weekend this cowboy is riding a wave that he does not want to step off anytime soon that he hopes will bring him all the way to Las Vegas and a 2017 PBR World Championship title!

Jess Lockwood Celebrates His 2017 Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Invitational Win

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

As the 2017 Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic comes to a close there was celebration to be had both down on the arena floor and throughout the Frank Erwin Center here in Austin, Texas.  When people say that things are bigger and better in Texas they are not lying and I have a feeling the the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series will be back again in the very near future.  This year was an amazing event that will be talked about for many months to come, not only by the fans witnessing it live, but even the PBR’s exclusive entertainer Flint Rassmussen was feeling good and proving that he enjoys coming to the country of cowboys, the great state of Texas!  Even with the energy that was surrounding the arena after the event there was still one thing remaining to do, to crown the 2017 Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic event champion.

As soon as the arena was cleared, the ramps were set and the television network commercials were concluded it was the time to crown the weekend’s event champion here in Austin, Texas.  Many were speculating if Texas’ own Cooper Davis could go back-to-back to win his home state event but he would come up just short of doing so landing in the third spot overall.  After a great first night, placing 2nd in round one and winning his second consecutive 15/15 Bucking Battle he set himself up nicely for today’s final rounds.  In the championship round he would not be able to finish it off for a second consecutive weekend after bucking off early.  Today, that man walking to the top of the shark cage would be another young gun and fan favorite, Jess Lockwood as he would go a solid 3-for-3 for a combined point total of 264.25 points to win the 2017 Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic!

As the 2017 Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic draws to a close, the world title race for both the bull riders and the bovine athletes begin to take shape and we begin to find out who will have any chance at competing for the World Championship Title.  After this weekend’s event here in Austin the top 35 bull riders in the world understand that this is coming down to a do or die time with only five events remaining before the World Finals begin November 1st.  This year is shaping up to be one of the tightest races in the history of the organization and the Rodeo Round Up team will continue to bring you event updates as we prepare ourselves to head west to bring you all of the updates live from Las Vegas as we have some very exciting things planned for our coverage from the 2017 PBR World Finals this year!

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