The PBR Returns To “The Pit” In Albuquerque After A Two Week Break

After a much-needed two week break which we are not used to seeing in the past years, it has come time again to head back to the loudest arena that we are accustomed to throughout the year as we make our way back to Albuquerque.  Each and every year the top bull riders in the world look forward to a very unique arena as they visit one of the smallest arenas throughout the year when the Dreamstyke Arena, otherwise known as “The Pit” plays host to the Unleash The Beast Tour.  This is proven to be a pivotal event in the world standings race every year as it can single-handedly change the course of a bull rider’s season in just three straight days.  Along with the iconic Ty Murray Invitational, for the first time in seven years, Albuquerque will play host to a special addition to the 2019 season stop with giving the fans a glimpse at their very own 15/15 Bucking Battle!

Along with the return of many fan favorites here this weekend, after being out or weeks due to injuries, we will also be able to see a good amount of up and coming bull riders that will grace the arena on the Unleash The Beast Tour for the very first time.  Those that have been invited to the upper-level tour, as well as those that have won their way here through the Professional Bull Riders Velocity Tour events, will try and make the most of their opportunities in a place that has skyrocketed many young up and coming careers of those that have been here before them!  It will be fun to watch what this year’s Ty Murray Invitational does to shake up the world standings once Sunday afternoon’s Championship Sunday performance is complete inside of the iconic Dreamstyle Arena at the end of the weekend.

Chase Outlaw And Jess Lockwood Split The Round One Win In Albuquerque

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Once the lights and music began to spread around “The Pit” the feeling among the fans and bull riders alike was that of a world finals feel knowing what this event means to all those involved and the return of some of the fan favorite bull riders after an extended break due to injuries.  One of those bull riders, World Champion Jess Lockwood, would make a triumphant return to the arena looking to regain the world number one spot at the end of the weekend.  He would start out the right way after splitting the round one win with fellow competitor Chase Outlaw while each earning 80 world title race points after dominating their bovine opponents for the required 8-seconds, thus earning huge 89.50 point rides for their efforts.  Lockwood would take the top headline of the night after doing this feat aboard a previously unridden Legit which gave him all the confidence he needed after coming back from a broken collar bone injury.

Matt Triplett Takes Home The Round Two Win At “The Pit”

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Following a very exciting round one just 24-hours ago, the sold-out crowd inside of the Dreamstyle Arena were looking for the very same type of outcome here on a Saturday night in round two once the action continued down on the arena floor.  Once things began, the fans would get exactly what they wanted after the top thirty-five bull riders in the world would match up for twelve qualified rides, the exact same number that we were able to see just twenty-four hours earlier.  After all was said and done, it would be another fan favorite that would take home the top honors after Matt Triplett would earn the round win with a whopping 88 point bull ride aboard Crazy Times that would give him another 100 world title race points to add to his season total which would continue to make this year’s race one for the record books.

Joao Ricardo Vieira Earns The Round Three Victory In Albuquerque

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Following two straight nights of fantastic bull riding action, it was time to close out another three-day event here in Albuquerque with the Championship Sunday performance where we would eventually crown a 2019 Ty Murray Invitational event champion.  Throughout the first two nights of action we were able to see right around a third of the total outs result on qualified rides which would make for an interesting Sunday afternoon and a championship round later in the day.  Once the dust settled and the action concluded, round three looked as if the top bull riders in the world had all that they could handle as only seven qualified rides were able to be made.  No one could match up to the effort that Joao Ricardo Vieira put out atop of Sitting Bull while earning the round three win and another 100 world title race points along with an invitation to the 2019 Ty Murray Invitational Championship Round with an 88.75 point effort!

Jose Vitor Leme Brings Home The Championship Round Win

Photo Credit: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Following some confusion during the draft on the Ride Pass stage with Luke Kaufman and Colby Yates the stag was set for the 2019 Ty Murray Invitational Championship Round on Sunday afternoon to see who would leave Albuquerque with a fist full of money and a pocket full of world title race points but before we could do that we would need to award our last round winner of the weekend.  Once everything was figured out and the correct riders were with the correct bucking bulls the stage was set for an exciting Championship Round here at TH PIT!  The top fifteen bull riders from the first three rounds would go head to head in the final round of the weekend where four of them would manage to make t to the eight-second buzzer to earn a qualified ride and add to their weekend total.  The bull power was phenomenal and they gave the bull riders all that they could handle earlier this afternoon but nothing could stop Jose Vitor Leme as he would leave the arena floor with another round win and another 100 world title race points after covering his bovine counterpart for a solid 92.75 point score.

Round One:

Jess Lockwood & Chase Outlaw (89.50)

Mason Taylor (88.50)

Jose Vitor Leme (87.75)

Joao Ricardo Vieira (87.50)

Marco Eguchi (86.75)

Eduardo Aparecido (86.25)

Colten Jesse (85.50)

Kaique Pacheco (85.25)

Joe Frost (84.25)

Ezekiel Mitchell (82.75)


Round Two:

Matt Triplett (88.00)

Marco Eguchi (87.75)

Joe Frost (86.50)

Stetson Lawrence (85.50)

Kaique Pacheco (85.25)

Chase Outlaw (85.00)

Dener Barbosa (84.75)

Luciano De Castro (81.50)

Taylor Toves (80.75)

Cody Jesus (80.25)

Jose Vitor Leme (76.50)

Eduardo Aparecido (55.50)


Round Three:

Joao Ricardo Vieira (88.75)

Jose Vitor Leme (88.25)

Emilio Resende & Taylor Toves (87.50)

Matt Triplett (87.00)

Daylon Swearingen (80.50)

Scottie Knapp (71.25)


Championship Round:

Jose Vitor Leme (92.75)

Chase Outlaw (90.00)

Stetson Lawrence (89.50)

Colten Jesse (88.25)

Jess Lockwood Earns A 15/15 Bucking Battle Win In Albuquerque

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

As if the Ty Murray Invitational was not enough in itself for the fans here in Albuquerque to watch live inside of Dreamstyle Arena, for the first time in seven years the Professional Bull Riders Unleash The Beast Tour decided that they would say thank you to the loyal fans in New Mexico in a very deserving way.  After round two on Saturday night, the action was not done down on the arena floor as another installment of a 15/15 Bucking Battle would commence, giving the top fifteen bull riders in the world a chance to earn even more world title race points.  After all was said and done, three would manage to do their jobs to earn a qualified ride and some much-needed world title race points but no one could extinguish the flame that was burning bright within Jess Lockwood.  Lockwood would take home the win, earning 150 world title race points and moving him up solidly into the third spot in the 2019 PBR World Standings!

Qualified Rides From The 15/15 Bucking Battle:

Jess Lockwood (91.25)

Cody Teel (90.00)

Ryan Dirteater (75.00)

Jose Vitor Leme Is Crowned Your 2019 Ty Murray Invitational Event Champion

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

As always, for well over twenty years running, the event here in Albuquerque always provides bull riding fans with the best entertainment that you can find throughout the entire Professional Bull Riders Unleash The Beast season as this has always been considered a special event by everyone involved.  Not only is it because of the fans, the venue, the riders, and the atmosphere but it is also because New Mexico is the epicenter of some of the best bucking stock in the world which is all easily accessible for this event.  Another reason for the excitement is strictly because of the iconic name that is associated with it as each year this is deemed the Ty Murray Invitational.  This year your 2019 Ty Murray Invitational event champion is Jose Vitor Leme who had a fantastic weekend at THE PIT while earning 700 world title race points and lengthening his lead in the world standings race!

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