The PBR Makes Its Way Home To Colorado Springs This Weekend

As the 2017 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series continues to come closer to the end many of the top bull riders in the world are still vying to end the year inside of the top 35 in the world standings that would send them directly to Las Vegas for the PBR World Finals.  While only four events remain, including the Rumble In The Rockies event right here in Colorado Springs, the time is now for big moves to be made and world title races to close up even closer than they are heading into this weekend’s event in the PBR’s hometown.  Just when everyone was wondering what was happening to the cowboys on the elite tour tides turned back in their favor after a huge confidence-boosting event one week ago where nearly 50% of the bucking bulls were ridden for qualified rides!

This weekend the Broadmoor World Arena plays host to one of the final remaining events of the 2017 season and the anticipation is always amped up a few notches when the top 35 bull riders in the world come to Colorado Springs.  Although the contestants are coming into this event riding a high-wave of emotion the bovine athletes they will face are some of the toughest they have faced throughout the regular season.  That being said, one can expect the rides to be far less than what was seen last week but the bull scores and ride scores to be off the charts over the entire weekend.  This equation sets the stage for a fantastic opportunity for those needing some world title race points to earn them if they can figure out how to get by some of the rankest bucking bulls traveling up and down the road today.

Fabiano Vieira Splits The Round One Win 

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

As I talked about a little earlier, the bull power here this weekend would give each and every one of these bull riders here this weekend their all as they compete to be invited to the PBR World Finals as well.  As the action began here in round one it was quickly made known that the stock contractors here asked their bovine athletes to give just a little bit extra and this caused absolute chaos among the riders in the locker room.  Throughout the round you could see the cowboys huddling into small groups all while laughing, shaking their heads and running through their rides with extreme hand motions as they explained what they had just been through to their traveling partners and close friends.  All of the antics and talking could not undo what had happened to them moments before out on the arena floor!

Throughout round one, the fans inside of the Broadmoor World Arena witnessed some of the most extreme western lifestyle action that could be witnessed as the bull riders faced another kind of athlete that would leave a few of them battered and bruised with one more day remaining.  After each and every one of the top 35 bull riders in the world were given their opportunity to put their best boot forward there would be 11 of them that would answer the call, earning a qualified ride and head into tomorrow afternoon’s round in good shape to make the championship round.  Now, even though there were 9 other rides made no one could impress the judges more than Fabiano Vieira and Derek Kolbaba who would put up the round winning scores of 87.50 points each aboard their bovine counterparts sending them into tomorrow almost certain of being two of the top fifteen in the event by day’s end!

                                                               Complete List Of Round One Qualified Rides Posted Below:

                                                                            Fabiano Vieira (87.50)                        Derek Kolbaba (87.50)

Eduardo Aparecido (86.25)               Sonny Schafferius (86.00)

Shane Proctor (85.75)                         Brennon Eldred (85.50)

Alex Marcilio (85.00)                         Joao Ricardo Vieira (84.75)

Dener Barbosa (83.25)                       Stormy Wing (83.00)

Ramon de Lima (82.75)

Fist Full Of Mud Earns The Top Bull Score In Round One 

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

As most of the attention throughout the year is focused on the world title race within the ranks of the cowboy athletes, there is one other world title that quietly begins to take shape as well but does not come to the forefront until late in the season.  Just as the cowboys vie for a world title, so do the bovine athletes of the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series.  Even though the bucking bulls here in tonight’s round one do not have a chance on claiming that world title this year, it does not mean that there is not an important chase of their own happening.  The 2017 season is quickly coming to an end and that means that the PBR’s Director of Livestock, Cody Lambert, has some serious decisions to make as we all look ahead to the PBR World Finals that are set to take place just over a month from now.

Tonight’s first round of competition brought us quite a nice mixture of bovine athletes, some that we have seen before scattered with a few that are newcomers on the elite Built Ford Tough Series tour.  For those that have been on tour throughout the year, they are under a microscope, while those that are making their debuts here in Colorado Springs are looking to make a name for themselves and raise a few eyebrows of those in charge while they are at it.  In round one we were able to watch 35 of those athletes put forth their best efforts in order to earn one of those spots in Las Vegas but one stood taller than the rest at the end of the night.  The one bovine athlete that would earn the top bull score of 45.25 points would be that of Phenom Genetics’ Fist Full Of Mud virtually earning him a spot as one of those invited back to the 2017 PBR World Finals!

While round one is in the books, the world title race is tightening up even more than it has been making this year’s race the closest one in the history of the sport!  Even though we focus a majority of our attention on those chasing the gold buckle, we also must look at how close the race is to be on of the top 35 bull riders in the world standings on the bottom of the board as well.  After tonight’s round, any one of the alternates or those within the top 35 are within distance of either moving up or being knocked out with three events remaining after this weekend’s Rumble In The Rockies.  The Rodeo Round Up team will continue to watch where everyone sits and where the focus needs to be as we near the completion of the 2017 Built Ford Tough Series season and set the stage for the World Finals just over a month from now!

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