The PBR Invades New York City Once Again!

PBR New York

When the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series contestants want to make themselves known they, for all intensive purposes, can shut a major city down.  That is exactly what happened as the top 35 of the best bull riders in the world showed up along with their foes, those of the great bovine bucking stock that would match up for eight seconds of non-stop action that would come along with every ride throughout the weekend.  It takes a great feat to pull off an event like this inside of Madison Square Gardens and the PBR knows just how to do it!


PBR CEO Sean Gleason And 2-Time PBR World Champion J.B. Mauney Opening The Nasdaq

Photo Credit:  PBR Facebook Page

The week of professional bull riding action kicked off for yet another year’s event in New York City with two of the most notable names associated with the PBR organization ringing the bell for the Nasdaq trading day.  Professional Bull Riders CEO Sean Gleason joined 2-time and defending PBR World Champion to let everyone know that professional bull riding action was back in New York City for three straight nights of action inside the Madison Square Gardens Arena.  These two put the entire town and the stock market trading industry on notice for what was about to happen in the upcoming weekend that started earlier tonight.

Not only does the PBR take over the stock market, historical buildings and live television daytime talk shows but can pretty much put a stop to anything happening on and around the busy New York City streets.  It is a delicate task to load and unload bucking bulls to prepare for the first “major” event of the 2016 Built Ford Tough Series season.  Streets are closed and sidewalks are blocked off as the red carpet is rolled out and the spectacle of bringing bucking bulls into Madison Square Gardens commences.

 madison square gardens

The Calm Before The Storm

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Before the crowds roll through the doors and the music gets turned up loud there is a calm around the arena that will soon hold some of the best bull riding action that New York City has ever seen.  Once the lights are turned up to bring the exciting Friday night action to life things will never be the same for the PBR fans in the Big Apple as the first three day event begins and the first “major” of the season begins.  Along with all of that there is the little event that we affectionately call the 15/15 Bucking Battle that will be held as well!  Who will make history and who will make some memorable season moments in New York City?  Keep in touch with everything that is going on with us right here at the Rodeo Round Up!

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