The PBR Invades Music City For Last MAJOR Of The Season

After a great start to the second half of the 2017 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series season one week ago the top 35 bull riders in the world rolled into Nashville, Tennessee for the last major event of the season.  Each and every one of the contestants here this weekend knew what was up for grabs and the world title race implications this event would have as the first of two nights got underway inside of the Bridgestone Arena.  The point totals that can be earned at one of the six majors throughout the year can skyrocket any number of the bull riders up the world standings leader board and give them a great shot at claiming a world championship title as we head towards Las Vegas this coming November.  The anticipation inside of the locker room could be felt throughout the entire arena as the action began earlier tonight.

Coming into this weekend’s Music City Knockout the top four riders in the world standings were all within 875 points of each other which was well within reach for major title race changes once things settle down tomorrow night.  To break it down simply for you, the event winner will receive 625 world title race points while the runner-up receives 220 points.  On top of that, the rider with the highest ride score title at the end of the event will also receive 300 bonus points.  Moving forward, the sixteen riders that make it to the sweet sixteen round will receive 50 points while  the six riders that make it to the elite eight round will receive 125 points while the two making it back from the second chance qualifier will each receive 60 points.  Those that are lucky enough to move onto the final four round will each receive 125 points as well.  As you can see, there are a ton of points up for grabs for those that can shine and outlast all others here this weekend!

Ryan Dirteater Earns The High Mark Ride In Round One

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

In the first round of action earlier tonight 25 of the top bull riders in the world paired up against each other in head-to-head competition to see who would advance forward to grit it out with the top 12 bull riders in the world in round two who were awarded a first round bye.  That being said, having to go through the qualifying round puts those that competed behind the eight ball as the top twelve bull riders in the world came in fresh and gave those that advanced from round one all that they could handle.  The bull power in round one was nothing to shake your head at and was mixed with rider-friendly bulls along with some that nobody would ever want to draw on any given night.  This in itself made for an exciting and adrenaline-filled first round of qualifying competition!  Follow along with all of us by filling out the 2017 Music City Knockout Bracket below!

PBR – Built Ford Tough Music City Knockout Bracket (1)

As round one began, many questions would be answered as to who came into Nashville feeling good and who came in still struggling to find their groove after the long summer break.  Once the lights came up upon the arena floor it was time for the 25 athletes competing to do their jobs and begin the bracket-style format to see who would advance forward.  Even though qualified rides were not absolutely needed there were six that were made.  In this format you only need to last longer than your opponent you are paired up against to advance forward.  That being said, Ryan Dirteater would take the early ride score lead with a 88.25 point ride aboard Jane Clark / Gene Owen’s Bar Down to advance to the second round where he would match up with one of the top 12 bull riders in the world standings who received a first round bye.

Derek Kolbaba Outshines All Others In Round Two

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Once the dust settled and the scores and times were calculated it was time to see who would advance and what the much-anticipated match-ups would be for the second round where the top twelve bull riders in the world standings would be showcased.  Those that won their first round match-ups would once again pair up with one of the top twelve while those that came up short would go into a second chance pool and would have another opportunity to advance further in the competition here this weekend.  Although they have another chance, the bull power that they would be facing would not make it any easier of a road to get back into the swing of things.  For those that did advance automatically, the road would be slightly easier but still much harder than the first round bulls that they faced earlier on in the night.

As stated earlier, this event is unlike all others as qualified rides are not needed to advance but points are awarded for ride score totals at the conclusion of the event so qualified rides, in turn, earn you more points towards the world title race.  In tonight’s second round the bull power that these cowboys faced gave each and everyone of them the opportunity to earn huge numbers to keep the ball rolling towards an overall ride total which would award some much-needed bonus points tomorrow night.  With that being said, Derek Kolbaba would be the man that nobody could beat as he was able to put up a huge 89 point ride aboard Broken Arrow Bucking Bulls’ Black Rose to advance forward tomorrow night and bring with him a ton of swagger and confidence heading into tomorrow night’s final rounds!

If tonight’s action and energy was not enough to quench your thirst you still have one more night to go until the sixth and last major of the 2017 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series season is in the books!  Heading into tomorrow night’s final rounds there are a few of those top bull riders in the world that are making the most of this opportunity and have a great chance at climbing up the world standings leader board to shake some things up around the top.  After things wind down tomorrow night we may just have a little clearer of a picture as to what the PBR World Finals will look like as a huge amount of points are about to be awarded just 24-hours from now when the Music City Knockout event draws to a close from Nashville, Tennessee and the Bridgestone Arena!

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