The PBR Hits The West Coast With The Sacramento Invitational

For another year the Golden 1 Center was the place to be for the last three nights as the top bull riders in the world invaded Sacramento, California for the first event of the west coast visits of the 2019 Professional Bull Riders Monster Energy Unleash The Beast season.  As the Sacramento Invitational took center stage, everyone watching both at home and in person was hoping to see a ton of qualified rides just like what we have been able to see over the first three weekends of action beginning in New York City.  The other major thing on everyone’s mind was that of the passing of Mason Lowe as the top 35 bull riders would still be figuring out how to cope with his loss but wanted to do it the best way they could, by carrying on his legacy and giving the fans a show for the ages!

There was a lot of speculation heading into this weekend’s festivities in Sacramento as well with everyone waiting to see if their favorite bull riders would be able to compete or if they would have to continue to sit on the sidelines with injuries.  One of those that everyone had their eye on was that of Stetson Lawrence who was questionable for this weekend’s event after being injured one week ago.  Much to the delight of himself and his fans, Lawrence’s e-rays came back negative for major injury and it was announced that he would, in fact, be able to compete at this weekend’s Sacramento Invitational!  The official PBR insider Justin Felisko made the much- anticipated announcement via his Twitter page just a couple short days before the action was set to begin inside of the Golden 1 Center on Friday night.

Cody Jesus Takes Home The Round One Win In Sacramento

Photo Credit: Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media

As round one began earlier this weekend, the Fridaight crowd inside of the Golden 1 Center was all amped up and ready to see the best bull riders in the world go head-to-head to see who would be able to leave Sacramento, California as the 2019 Sacramento Invitational event champion.  Over the past three weeks, we have been able to watch nearly half of the competitors earn qualified rides on a consistent basis and we were all but expecting to see much more of the same here in round one.  That being said, by the time that the thirty-five attempted rides had been completed those in Sacramento would, unfortunately, see a much different outcome.  Once the dust settled, the ina count of qualified rides would not even be able to reach double digits as only nine riders would be able to make it to the elusive eight-second buzzer.  All would be lead by the efforts of Cody Jesus who would walk away with the round one win after earning an 88 point ride aboard D&H Cattle/Craig Moore’s Lifting Lives.

Silvano Alves Secures The Round Two Win In Sacramento

Photo Credit: Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media

During night number two, the best bull riders in the world came into the Golden 1 Center knowing that they had something to prove after a less than stellar round one performance just 24-hours prior where only nine qualified rides were able to be made.  In Saturday’s round, the outcome was a little bit better while thirteen riders would be able to make it to the end aboard their bovine counterparts leaving room for those still struggling to come back on championship Sunday with a chance to still make the championship round of fifteen.  Of those thirteen, a name that we have not heard being talked about for quite some time for winning a round did just that in grand style after putting up one of the best rides of the season so far.  Three-time PBR World Champion Silvano Alves came out of his early-season slump to cover his bull for 90 points and the round two win here in Sacramento!

 Juan Contreras Outlasts All Others In Round Three 

Photo Credit: Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media

As Championship Sunday began, the energy and excitement inside of the Golden 1 Center was that of a PBR World Finals feel as the fans began pouring through the doors to pack the arena to anxiously await the crowning of another event champion.  Although that was the main focus of the afternoon, there was still a lot of work to be done down on arena floor that began with the third and final qualifying round to determine who would advance to the top fifteen championship round later in the day.  Much like what we saw in round one, only nine qualified rides were able to be made after another day of a good amount of re-ride opportunities. After all was said and done, Juan Contreras would be able to outperform the other eight contestants that made qualified rides while earning a solid 88.7 point score to head into the championship round with 100 world title race points in his pocket!

Round By Round Rides From Sacramento:

Round One:

Cody Jesus (88.00)

Ryan Dirteater (87.50)

Sean Willingham (87.25)

Joao Ricardo Vieira (86.75)

Daniel Tinman (86.50)

Lonnie West  (86.00)

Paulo Lima (85.50)

Luciano De Castro (85.00)

Alisson De Souza (83.25)


Round Two:

Silvano Alves (90.00)

Chase Outlaw (89.75)

Stetson Lawrence (88.00)

Emilio Resende & Jess Lockwood (87.25)

Mason Taylor (86.25)

Keyshawn Whitehorse & Cannon Cravens (86.00)

Colten Jesse & Claudio Montanha Jr. (85.75)

Joao Ricardo Vieira (85.50)

Ramon de Lima (84.25)

Dakota Buttar (84.00)

Round Three:

Juan Contreras (88.75)

J.B. Mauney (88.00)

Brennon Eldred (87.25)

Luciano De Castro (85.25)

Ryan Dirteater (84.75)

Sean Willingham (83.25)

Joao Ricardo Vieira (82.75)

Alisson De Souza (82.25)

Silvano Alves (81.50)


Championship Round:

Silvano Alves & Joao Ricardo Vieira (89.00)

Luciano De Castro (88.75)

Joao Ricardo Vieira Is Crowned The 2019 Sacramento Invitational Champion

Photo Credit: Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media

After a dominating weekend, the Brazilian faction of the Professional Bull Riders locker room proved that they came into Sacramento as the top dogs after bringing home all but one of the round wins throughout the weekend.  One of those Brazilian’s Joao Ricardo Vieira would have an early season weekend to remember while going a perfect four-for-four while posting a weekend best 344 points on the board, making him the only man to be perfect on the weekend.  After splitting the Championship Round win with Silvano Alves he would leave Sacramento with 625  world title race points and a nice $36,700.00 payday to go along with it.  After claiming a win here this weekend, Joao Ricardo Vieira would climb to the number six position in the current PBR world standings leader board, giving him much to celebrate on Sunday afternoon!

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