The PBR Bull Riders Turn Up The Heat In St. Louis During Round One!

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After a rough two weeks out on the west coast that left many of the top bull riders in the world wondering why they came back to compete in 2016 our attention turned to the Midwest for this week’s event.  The Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series made its way back to St. Louis, Missouri for the nineteenth straight year for the first of three days of the toughest sport on dirt.  It was a completely different feel as the cowboys came to show the bovine athletes that they have had enough of being thrown to the ground without a point to show for their efforts!

As the first round of the Bass Pro Chute Out Presented By Cooper Tires got underway inside of the Scottrade Center it was not long until a flurry of qualified rides started to happen which set the tone for the rest of the evening.  From the moment the pyrotechnics began to light up the dim arena all the way through the last ride of the round was over the fans in attendance were on their feet and cheering loudly enough to make sure their favorite bull riders or bucking bulls could hear them loud and clear.

Ben Jones

Ben Jones Makes A Qualified Ride In Round One

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The action down on the arena floor during the first round of the much anticipated event in St. Louis seemed to be the time that the top 35 bull riders in the world decided to bring their “A” games and take it to the great bucking stock of the Professional Bull Riders organization.  Without a shadow of a doubt this was one of the greatest rounds so far of the very early 2016 season.  As some of the young guns that were invited up from the ranks of the BlueDEF Velocity Tour and some of the most seasoned veterans of the Built Ford Tough Series clashed it made for a very exciting night of bull riding action.

It did not take long for the action to get hot and heavy as the qualified rides began pouring in one by one early on in the round.  Tonight you could feel the complete momentum shift as the cowboys began to take the early lead which was a pleasant surprise from the tough two weeks on the west coast that each of them were trying to forget.  Once it was all said and done it was practically a dead heat as each side, the cowboys and bucking bulls, were on a collision course heading into the second round happening just 24 hours from now.

Nevada Newman

Nevada Newman Wins First Career BFTS Round

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Unlike any other round so far yet in the 2016 Built Ford Tough Series there were an astounding number of bull riders who were able to make the eight second buzzer as they started off the Bass Pro Chute Out Presented By Cooper Tires.  The fans inside of the Scotrade Center barred witness to their favorite bull riders dancing, celebrating, yelling and fist pumping as 16 of them were able to fair better than their bovine counterparts to receive a qualified ride score in the first round.

Although there were a huge number of qualified rides the night belonged to a young up and coming superstar that captured the attention of each and every fan and competitor in and around the arena.  Built Ford Tough Series newcomer Nevada Newman captured his first ever career BFTS round win when he claimed the top score of the night.  Newman and K-C Bucking Bulls’ Ante Up combined forces to take him to a round winning 88.25 point ride.

round ride recap

Other Qualified Rides From Round One Include:

                                            Gage Gay (87.75)                                                    Shane Proctor (87.00)

                                            Cooper Davis (85.75)                                             Joao Ricardo Vieira (85.75)

                                            Cody Nance (85.25)                                               Silvano Alves (85.00)

                                            Stetson Lawrence (85.00)                                    Eduardo Aparecido (85.00)

                                            Stormy Wing (84.50)                                            Fabiano Vieira (84.25)

                                            Ben Jones (84.00)                                                 Wallace Vieira de Oliveira (82.00)

                                            Guilherme Marchi (81.25)                                    Rubens Barbosa (74.75)

                                                                                       Lindomar Lino (73.50)

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