The Last Cowboy Standing Kicks Off In Las Vegas

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As the first half of the 2017 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series season winds down there is one last shot at gaining a huge amount of world championship points here in Las Vegas this weekend.  For the second consecutive year, the famed Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s Helldorado Days Rodeo features the second to last “major” event of the 2017 PBR season.  Tonight, the Last Cowboy Standing kicked off smack dab in the middle of the legendary Las Vegas Strip and ended the second day of western sports action on a highly anticipated note!

Today would begin the final leg of the first part of the season, and with the world title race heating up, this weekend could be a huge win for one of those looking to charge up the ranks or even secure a safe spot within the top 35 in the world standings to earn a much-deserved spot on the Built Ford Tough Series for themselves coming off of the long summer break that we look ahead to at the conclusion of the Last Cowboy Standing event tomorrow night.  That being said, there are a few of these elite bull riders that will also be competing on the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association side of things which will make the ride total almost double of what his other competitors are attempting here this weekend.

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Cowboys Being Introduced In Las Vegas

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

This event is always an exciting one to watch as 40, not 35, of the top bull riders in the world compete to stay moving forward from round to round over the two-day event.  Tonight is very important for those riders on the bottom of the standings coming into this weekend because it is all but finalized that if these contestants do not make a qualified ride here tonight they hardly stand a chance on moving on to tomorrow’s action here in Las Vegas.  The world standings race is extremely close and with the extra points available here this weekend anything is possible and we could very well see a change at the top of the standings heading into the long and much-needed summer break.

On the other side of the coin, this weekend could be a very beneficial one for one of the fan favorite cowboys competing here in Las Vegas.  J.B. Mauney has been riding a hot streak lately and sits just over 1000 points out of the number one spot in the world while the two Brazilians ahead of him have stumbled.  That being said, historically, the Brazilians have always performed well at this event in Las Vegas and could very well keep that tradition and make the race for the world title a little bit harder for those chasing that position when the second half of the season resumes.  There will be up to five rounds and will be a ride of die format as we begin tomorrow with action continuing for five rounds or until we have only one cowboy remaining!

Stormy Wing Rides His Way To The Round One Win 

Photo Credit: Debbie D Anthony Photography

Once the first round of the Last Cowboy Standing event began, those cowboys that were able to make it to the eight-second buzzer were given a false sense of security as the rider friendly bulls that they saw here tonight will go by the wayside and continue to get more powerful as the rounds count down tomorrow night.  In round one there were 13 of those 40 that were competing here this weekend that were able to make the buzzer and set the crowd ablaze that created a huge buzz around Sin City heading into tomorrow night’s action.

Although the match-up’s swayed the cowboys way tonight and allowed those 13 riders to earn a qualified ride round two needed a total of at least 25 riders so those in the top of the standings will fill the rest of the field for tomorrow night’s action.  That being said, there was only one man that would take home the number one spot that would give him the round win points and carry nothing but confidence over into tomorrow’s action in this ride or die format.  Tonight it was Julio Moreno/Dallas Schott’s Captain Jack that would help Stormy Wing take home the top score of 87.25 points here on the famous Las Vegas Strip as we begin to round out the first half of the 2017 PBR Built Ford Tough Series season.

Complete Break-Down Of Qualified Rides In Round One Posted Below:

                                                 Stormy Wing (87.25)                                    Brennon Eldred (87.00)

                                                 Eduardo Aparecido (86.75)                        Gage Gay (86.25)

                                                 Claudio Montanha Jr. (86.00)                   J.B. Mauney (85.75)

                                                 Fabiano Vieira (85.25)                                Koal Livingston (85.25)

                                                Marco Eguchi (84.75)                                  Guilherme Marchi (84.50)

                                                Cody Tyler (83.50)                                       Reese Cates (81.25)

                                                                                      Cody Teel (81.25)

After the action inside of the arena died down here earlier tonight the heat was just getting turned up all across town as some of the best musical talents began to perform for the thousands of fans in Las Vegas for this weekend’s events.  No matter where you went around town, the buzz and excitement could be felt and heard as everyone was talking about what was witnessed tonight and what is about to happen just about 24-hours from now as the second and final night begins to round out the first half of the 2017 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series season!

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