The Inaugural Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out Started With A Bang!

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Well today was the start of a huge change for the sport of professional rodeo as the Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out got underway.  The inaugural season and performance literally started off with a bang as the smoke and pyrotechnics during the opening ceremonies set off the arena’s fire alarm and put the start of this fantastic event on hold!  After things quieted down a little it was noting but full speed ahead as the cowboys and cowgirls began competing for a prize pool of over $200,000.

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The First Legal Odds Sheet To Bet On Pro Rodeo

The arena was full and the bets were placed to start the performance inside of the Orleans Arena on a beautiful Thursday afternoon.  That’s right …. this is the only professional rodeo event that you are legally able to place bets and play the odds on who you think will take home the win.  The crew from Boyd Gaming thought of everything by allowing this history making change to the sport and integrating an interactive cell phone app that allows fans to follow, score and win prizes by guessing what will happen with their favorite athlete!


Fred Whitfield Roping In Round One

This event brought some of the very best cowboys and cowgirls in the business together to put on an electrifying show for all of those in attendance.  From some athletes that have only been in the professional realm for two or three years to some of the most notable legends in the sport from the last they were all competing for the same prize.  It was refreshing for the rodeo fans here today to see these great athletes come together to change the sport of professional rodeo once again.


Joe Beaver Makes Appearance In The Team Roping

A couple of the legends include the 22-time world champion Joe Beaver and legendary tie-down roper Fred Whitfield and together made the crowd in attendance rise to their feet with excitement.  It is not many times that a rodeo fan can come to an event and watch two the the very best competing in the same arena in the same performance.  Joe Beaver and teammate McCoy Profili managed to make and unbelievable run while recording a blazing 5.2 second run to set the arena on fire!

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Jake Vold Wins Round 1 

A complete run down of the event’s winners for the first round of the 2015 Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out include some of the brightest rodeo stars in the industry today.  In the bareback riding it was Jake Vold with a 86.5 score aboard Three Hills’ bucking horse Double Down.  Other scores in the bareback riding were R.C. Landingham & J.R. Vezain (82), David Peebles (79), Jesse Davis (74), Ryan Gray (73.5), Ty Breuer (69.5) and Casey Colletti (NS).


Billy Bugenig Wins Round One In The Steer Wrestling

In the steer wrestling event it as Ferndale, California’s Billy Bugenig who took the early lead while putting down a fast 4.0 second run.  The other contestants and their times that were on display were J.D. Struxness (4.2 Seconds), Tyler Pearson (4.6 seconds), Bray Armes (5.7 Seconds), Wade Sumpter (12.4 Seconds), Olin Hannum (13.5 Seconds), Stockton Graves (14.9 Seconds) and Sean Mulligan who had a no time.


Travis Tryan and Dakota Kirchenschlager Take Round One

The team roping event did not go quite so well for the majority of the teams competing at this year’s inaugural Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out.  Out of the eight teams that competed in the event less than half of them managed to complete their runs to gain a qualified time.  It was the team of Travis Tryan/Dakota Kirchenschlager who pulled out a time of 4.8 seconds to gain the early lead.  The other two teams with scores were Joe Beaver/McCoy Profili (5.2 Seconds) and Tee Wolman/Boogie Ray (5.7 Seconds).  The remaining teams failed to catch their steer and did not receive times in the first round.


Jesse Bail Takes Early Lead With Round One Win

The classic rodeo sport of saddle bronc riding brought the fans inside the Orleans Arena some excitement as all but one cowboy rode to the eight second whistle.  No one was better than Jesse Bail who gained the top spot early on with a 84 point ride aboard Pete Carr’s Sin Fire Kate.  Other qualifiers include Cody Wright (83), Cole Elshere (79), Clay Elliott (78), Allen Boore & Chad Ferley (75), Dustin Flundra (72) and Sam Spreadbourough with a no score.


J.C. Malone Wins Round One

The cowboys of the tie-down roping event dis not disappoint as all sorts of things happened on the arena floor that brought cheers, tears and cowboy attitude.  After it was all said and done it was J.C. Malone who managed to pull out the victory with an amazing 7.9 second run.  Other times in the event include Clint Cooper (8.5 Secoonds), Cody Ohl (8.9 Seconds), Michael Otero (9.8 Seconds), Adam Gray (9.9 Seconds), Clint Robinson (14.6 Seconds), Blair Burk (15.3 Seconds) and Fred Whitfield receiving a no time but stepped up to be a true cowboy and cut his rope to save his calf from injury.


Carmel Wright Wins The Barrel Racing Event

The pretty ladies on fast horses that we call the cowgirl professional barrel racers sure wanted to push themselves to the limit throughout the performance.  It was Carmel Wright that managed to bring home the number one spot with a 15.3 second trip around the cans.  Other times in the barrel racing were Shali Lord (15.4 Seconds), Brittany Diaz (15.6 Seconds), Kimmie Wall (15.7 Seconds), Christy Loflin (16.4 Seconds), Trula Churchill (20.7 Seconds), Christine Laughlin (20.8 Seconds) and Katelyn McLeod (25.9 Seconds).


Trevor Kastner Splits The Win In The Bull Riding


Jeff Askey Splits Round One In The Bull Riding

The crowd favorite sport of professional bull riding took center stage to round out the first round of the 2015 Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out with only half of the field making it to the eight second mark.  This field was lead by none other than a pair of cowboys who split the win with an 82 point ride.  These two were Trevor Kastner on Diamond S’s Smashing Success and Jeff Askey aboard Sutton Rodeo’s Pendleton Reserve.  Other riders obtaining a score were Steve Woolsey (81) and Jacob O’ Mara (80).  The remaining four contestants were not able to make it to that elusive whistle to gain a score for round one.

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