The Heat Is On In San Jose As The PBR Heads West For The First Time!


Now that the 2016 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series is coming to an end the action is heating up quickly.  The last big push to qualify for the PBR World Finals is in full swing this weekend as the top 35 bull riders in the world invade the SAP Center for their inaugural event in San Jose.  The energy that was felt here as the first round drew closer to the start was a feeling that only comes when something special was about to happen and that happened as soon as the doors opened and the first round of action began.

The sold out, two night crowd began to talk among themselves and started to generate the buzz that quickly spread throughout the entire arena prior to the start of the opening ceremonies of the San Jose Invitational presented by Ariat.  These fans were not only going to witness the action live for the first time in their hometown but the beginning of how the closest world title race in the history of the organization would play out as we head to Las Vegas in a short two weeks time.


J.B. Mauney Splits The Victory In Round One

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Once the lights shined bright down on the arena floor it was time to make history as the first ever buck out at a PBR Built Ford Tough Series event began inside of the SAP Center.  From the moment the first latch cracked to the time that the last bull left the arena the sold out crowd was treated so some of the very best bull riding action that can be seen as well as some of the most heated competition towards the top of the world standings leader board.  Round one proved to live up to the hype and provided a ton of excitement as we head into round two tomorrow afternoon!

Tonight the race to the World Finals was the main focus of everyone’s attention but no one could forget the tight race at the other end of the board as well.  Those cowboys on the bubble came into tonight’s round with guns blazing as they knew they had to have dominating performances these last two weekends.  Tonight there would be staggering 18 bull riders that would make the buzzer but the top men in round one would be J.B. Mauney and Tanner Bryne.  They would pair up with their bovine counterparts to split the number one spot atop the leader board with 86 point rides heading into round two tomorrow.

round recap

Complete List Of Round One Qualified Rides Listed Below:

               J.B. Mauney (86.00)                                                 Tanner Bryne (86.00)                                                  

              Stetson Lawrence (85.25)                                        Cooper Davis (84.75)                                                  

             Robson Palermo (84.50)                                          Gage Gay (84.25)                            

            Wallace Vieira de Oliveira (83.75)                       Ryan Dirteater (83.50)  

           Guilherme Marchi (83.50)                                       Stormy Wing (82.75)                                                  

          Chase Outlaw (82.75)                                                 Matt Triplett (82.25)                                      

           Jess Lockwood (82.25)                                             Silvano Alves (81.75)                              

          Joao Ricardo Vieira (80.75)                                   Eduardo Aparecido (80.00)                      

          Tyler Harr (77.50)                                                      Valdiron de Oliveira (71.00)  


Cooper Davis Wins The Last 15/15 Bucking Battle Of The Year

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

One the first round was done and over with and the top 35 bull riders in the world did what they could to garner a qualified ride it was time to turn on the CBS Sports cameras and hit the record button for yet another round.  The final 15/15 Bucking Battle of the 2016 season began and gave the top 15 bull riders in the world standings an opportunity to gain some very valuable world championship points with 150 of those going to the winner at the end of the round.

The pressure was on each and every one of these cowboys as they climbed aboard their bovine competitors to ready themselves for the eight seconds that lied ahead.  This year’s world championship race is the closest it has been and the points that can be earned are extra special.  Tonight only 4 of the top 15 bull riders in the world standings were able to hang on for the eight seconds but one man would stand above all others and earn the 150 championship points.  Tonight that would be Cooper Davis who would put up an 89.50 point bull ride aboard Dakota Rodeo/Herald Pro Bulls/Clay Struve/Chad Berger’s Big Cat to take home the last 15/15 Bucking Battle win of the 2016 season!

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After tonight’s round one and 15/15 Bucking Battle concluded it was evident that the push to qualify for the World Finals in two weeks was in full swing.  If tonight was any indication as to how tomorrow afternoon’s final rounds will be we are all in for a fantastic display of athleticism on both sides of the fence.  It will be interesting to see who is in and who is out as we inch closer to the final event of the season.  Another fast growing story will be who will leave San Jose as the world leader and who will need to try to light a fire heading into Las Vegas this November!

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